Civilians massacred in Cizre, National State TV, TRT teases with it and then retracts its story…

National state television TRT has drawn back its report broadcasted with the headline “60 terrorists killed in Cizre” without any explanation.
According to the statement of TİHV, in the districts under curfew, 224 persons have been killed in six months among whom 42 were children.
Second group of the Peace Watch will be in Diyarbakır on February 9, Tuesday. bianet too is in the second group.
HDP Şırnak MP Sarıyıldız has declared that tens of people stuck in a building in Cizre have been murdered while security forces have claimed operation was launched and conflict erupted.

Funeral Vehicles Sent to Cizre

Two funeral vehicles have been sent to Cudi neighbourhood of Cizre where an explosion has occurred within the operations. HDP MP Ferhat Encü noted that they did not have an exact number for the casualties and have not received any news from two neighbourhood for two days.
Turkey is turning into a paranoid one-party state
Can Spectator reveal to us where the wikileaks founders currently live? Yep so shut up. We know too well now to buy this anti-Turkey propaganda popular among Western liberal media, I thought the AKP spectacular elections comeback taught you a harsh .
U.S. Senator Hiram W. Johnson said in 1917 that the first casualty when war comes is truth
Newly released video footage shows the extent of the destruction in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır’s Sur district, where a military curfew has been in effect amid clashes since Dec. 11
Conflicting reports from locals, rights groups, the media and the government make it almost impossible to find the truth of what is going on in curfew-stricken areas of southeast Turkey, HRW Director Kenneth Roth has told daily Hürriyet in an exclusive interview
Harsh, patriarchal and communitarian political culture and excessive chauvinism are keeping the country in deadlock.
Support letter signed by as many as 500 academics from over 20 countries for Peace for Academics has been issued in The Times’ weekly supplement, the Times Higher Education.
Rights group: 162 civilians have died in Turkey conflict
FOX13 Memphis
LONDON (AP) — Wikileaks founder Julian Assange says he will accept arrest by British police if a U.N. working group on arbitrary detention decides that the three years he has spent holed up in the Ecuadorean Embassy does not amount to illegal detention.

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