BBC Turkish says reporter, Hatice Kamer, freed in southeast Turkey

Turkish authorities on Nov. 27 freed a reporter for the BBC’s Turkish language service in the southeast of the country after holding her for a day without explanation, the broadcaster said

Turkey detains BBC journalist reporting on mine disaster

Hatice Kamer, a journalist working for the BBC’s Turkish-language service, freed after being held in south-east of country

Turkish authorities have freed a reporter for the BBC’s Turkish-language service after holding her for a day without explanation, the broadcaster said.

BBC – Nov 27

Selcen Bayun plays the video on her phone – and takes a deep breath. Even after watching it multiple times since 15 July, it still shocks. ‘That’s my client.’ she says, pointing to a man with a head injury. ‘He and the others were beaten, their

Some 75 percent of Turkish citizens believe Turkey is drifting away from the European Union, while 44 percent of them believe freezing membership talks is a positive development. – Nov 26

Turkish authorities on Saturday detained Khajijan Farqin, a freelance reporter working for Voice of America, in Diyarbakir. Details of her arrest were relayed by a family friend, who said the reasons for Farqin’s detention remained unclear. Her

The Daily Beast – Nov 25, 10:00 PM

Since the July coup attempt, Erdogan’s vindictive paranoia knows no bounds, and Americans are among the victims in his stifling jails. The second in a series of articles about the author’s experiences in Turkish prisons and the people she met

Coup aftershocks

What has been the effect of the sacking or suspension of 125,000 state employees?
A highly contentious proposal from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) that would have legitimized some forms of child abuse was prepared without the necessary care but will return to parliament after gaining a wide consensus, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said
Thousands of teachers in Turkey who were suspended from duty during an investigation into alleged terror links have returned to their duties
More than 15,500 public personnel in Turkey have been dismissed from their posts with two new state of emergency decrees, the Official Gazette reported early on Nov. 22
Leonard Viohl, from Germany, has been beaten by police as police found a paper reading “Free Demirtaş” on the day when HDP politicians were arrested. Viohl took audio record during the incident.

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