An unexpectedly good service from Turkey’s Public TV channel: 200 thousand hours of archival footage online and open access!

here is the archive: ********************** Number of employed women falls 40,000 in Turkey The number of registered women wage-earners in Turkey fell by 40,000 in December 2016 compared to the same month of 2015, according to a new report prepared and released by the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV). Number of Syrian migrants ‘over 5 mln’ … Read more

Civilians massacred in Cizre, National State TV, TRT teases with it and then retracts its story…

National State TV Draws Back Report ‘60 Terrorists Killed in Cizre’  Bianet :: English National state television TRT has drawn back its report broadcasted with the headline “60 terrorists killed in Cizre” without any explanation. TİHV: 224 Civilians Killed in Curfews  Bianet :: English According to the statement of TİHV, in the districts under curfew, 224 persons … Read more

Dear @HBO did you realize Turkey’s state television stole your webdesign?

News in Turkish

Leyla ile Mecnun: Latest victim of anti-Gezi hysteria of Turkish authorities… A social fabric roundup…

State channel TRT cancels comedy series after actors join Gezi protests The producers of a Turkish comedy series titled ?Leyla ile Mecnun? (Leyla and Mecnun) have said Turkey?s state-run TV channel TRT will cease broadcasting the show after the production?s actors joined the Gezi Park protests.   Yezidi migrants in Germany mull possible Turkey return … Read more

Turkish State Television saved our morality again by not broadcasting this scene at Eurovision:

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EFD Rights Watch: Court Rules to Release Suspects Accused of Raping a Minor….

Court Rules to Release Suspects Accused of Raping a Minor Bianet The next hearing of the case is scheduled for Nov. … Association in the southwestern province of Muğla, had also represented the defendants in a mass rape case … “The Turkish judiciary prefers wile over justice,” he added. Rape case to begin amid legal concerns from Hurriyet Daily News A Sakarya court is set to … Read more

In the new Turkey, TRT censures Lennon song at Olympic ceremony, Deputy PM advises minorities to multiply, there are desperate Housewives (!)

  TRT refuses to imagine world without religion, censures Lennon song at Olympic ceremony from Hurriyet Daily News A presenter for Turkish state broadcaster TRT omitted part of iconic British musician John Lennon’s lyrics that call for ?no religion.   Multiply, Arınç tells minorities from Hurriyet Daily News Turkey?s recognized minorities should work to bring … Read more

Feyza Akınerdem: TRT Genel Müdürüyle Güzel Türkçemiz, Güzel Üslubumuz

TRT Genel Müdürüyle Güzel Türkçemiz, Güzel Üslubumuz Devlet radyo ve televizyonlarının başındaki adam, basın yayınla ilgili bir toplantıda eski bir TRT çalışanına, bir kadına, bir Kürt kadınından ?aşüfte? diye bahsetmiş. Aşufte, basit kadın, hafif kadın, ahlaken düşük kadın demek… Bu kelimelerin etimolojisine, semiyolojisine girmiyoruz, fakat bu sözün taciz olduğu çok açık.   TRT uzun yıllar, … Read more

Dünya TV- The first private Kurdish TV channel from Turkey

a rival to state’s Kurdish language channel:  TRT 6 via Dunya TV is owned by Samanyolu Group, pro-Fethullah Gülen movement… Its headquarters will be in Gaziantep. Satellite coordinates: Dünya TV, Türksat 3A, Frekans: 11064 V, Seymbol Rate: 13000 FEC: 5/6 via ************** PKK sets disarmament conditions from BBC News | Europe | World Edition The … Read more

Elif on TRT: Is something wrong with TRT?

TRT (Turkish Radio Television Establishment) has never been so much criticized before. These days, the first television channel of Turkey which is established by the state faces with this question: ?What?s going on in TRT?? Because TRT is the state channel, it has always been moderate to government?s strategies and can be mentioned as ?speaker … Read more

Most Turks have no vacation travel plans and Erkan is one of them…

found in Brent Stirton


Like in the beginning of every summer, people around me have alredy finished planning where to go and I haven’t even started. But I am glad that I am not alone:)

Most Turks have no vacation travel plans, survey shows

from Hurriyet Dailynews
One out of every two people in Turkey does not make plans to take a vacation, according to a survey that evaluates the travel habits of people in 16 countries.

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Pop culture roundup: Most desired woman, the Pacific and more…

Most ‘desired’ Turkish woman: AskMen Turkey chose Tuba Büyüküstün, a recently famed actress, as the most desired woman… Hürriyet has her huge photo album here. the Pacific. We have a problem. Turks are a bit annoyed with the new TV series’ reference to İzmir Fires where Turks are accused of starting the fire… Metin Şentürk, … Read more

Israel helps Ayrılık to increase its ratings?

The photo below has to be included here. From the Turkey-Armenia game. As far as I understood it was an operation by Young Civilians.

In the crisis between Israel and Turkey it should be noted Israel reacted too much to a serial that was not popular at all. I haven’t heard anybody discussing Ayrılık episodes. And as far as I know the serial was not in the top 100 ratings list. Now I hear producers are happy that people will be curious and watch the serial. There had to be a stronger reaction to Valley of the Wolves movie who had a substantive anti-semitic emphasis in some parts. Ayrılık hadonce made it to popular discourse through what Zeynep Tokuş , an actress and former beauty pageant winner was wearing:

Zeynep Tokuş in veil for Ayrılık serial.
Zeynep Tokuş in veil for Ayrılık serial.

A roundup follows:

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Turkey vs. Israel. Again. Turkey does not back down.

FM Davutoğlu has just stated that TRT is an autonomous institution and they cannot intervene.  But this of course should mean Turkey cannot than be angry at other countries’ governments about anti-Turkish or anti-Islamic stuff.  (Such as in the Danish Cartoon Crisis? )

Latest Crisis roundup:

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