Cyberculture agenda: “96% of Recruiters Use Social Media to Find High-Quality Candidates…

Survey: 96% of Recruiters Use Social Media to Find High-Quality Candidates All Facebook by Kimberlee Morrison A Few Tips for Blogging Growth Daily Blog Tips Blogging is competitive and if you are new to it, you might face a tough challenge. In order to create a fan base and gather an audience around your blog, you need … Read more

Not surprisingly, Turkey did not meet its promise of $200 million aid to Palestine

Turkey says stands behind promise for $200 million aid to Palestine Attacks by opposition parties against the government over its perceived failure to keep its promises of assistance to the Gaza Strip appear to have prompted a top Turkish agency to list in detail the country’s assistance to Gaza, which has long been strangled by blockades, … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: ISIS vs Twitter a data visualization… Prolific twitterbots…

ISIS vs Twitter: A cautionary tale told through data visualization  Boing Boing by Bob Parks A report by the Brookings Institution analyzed a sample 20,000 ISIS-supporting Twitter accounts, and sought to answer the question of how suspending accounts impacts the community.   Meet the Editors Fighting Racism and Sexism on Wikipedia Wired Top Stories by Issie Lapowsky Wikipedia’s … Read more

Journalism agenda: Scandal at Telegraph. The lead political writer resigns…

New rules governing drone journalism are on the way — and there’s reason to be optimistic  Nieman Journalism Lab by Matt Waite Today we got our first real look into what the FAA intends to do about regulating drones in U.S. airspace — and frankly, it’s surprisingly flexible and permissive given what the agency has required … Read more

Journalism agenda… Relief for Greste, Mourning for Goto… “Robots Writing Over 1,000 Stories Per Month for the Associated Press…

Relief, but ‘incredible angst’ for Al Jazeera journalist Peter Greste Mashable! by Megan Specia Al Jazeera journalist Peter Greste said he feels relief after his release from an Egyptian jail but is concerned for those still imprisoned Robots Writing Over 1,000 Stories Per Month for the Associated Press’s Writer’s Blog Over 1,000 stories per month are … Read more

Key vote into graft claims postponed… “Turkish gov’t, HDP herald ‘new phase’ in Kurdish peace process

Panel delays key vote into graft claims related to former ministers Hurriyet Daily News A legislative commission investigating graft claims involving four former ministers has delayed a vote about whether to send them to the Supreme Council until Jan. 5, 2015 How Turkey Sabotaged Its Future  NYT > Turkey by By MUSTAFA AKYOL President Erdogan’s fixation on … Read more

Qatar announces support to Cairo… Now, it seems, only Russia left for Turkey…

Qatar announces support to Cairo, marking split with Turkey Hurriyet Daily News Qatar has announced its determination to thaw ties with Egypt, diverging from an agreement with Turkey, only few days after renewing commitments to close relations with Ankara Brave New Turkey  NYT > Turkey by By ANDREW FINKEL Why is the government going off the rails … Read more

Turkish Parliament to vote for ISIL motion tomorrow as Turkey- Egypt tension continues…

  NATO would defend Turkey: New chief NATO must be very clear that it would come to Turkey’s aid if Turkey was attacked, Stoltenberg said Gov’t Motion on Military Action Abroad Faces Confrontation A government motion to be voted tomorrow that would allow the Turkish Army to “make a military invention in Syria and Iraq if necessary” … Read more

A very nice piece: “The Art of Personalizing Propaganda – a case in Gaza crisis

  Israel, Gaza, War & Data – The Art of Personalizing Propaganda  Global Voices Online by Gilad Lotan Instagram co-tag graph, highlighting three distinct topical communities: 1) pro-Israeli (Orange), 2) pro-Palestinian (Yellow), and 3) Muslim (Pink). Visualization created fromGephi. The High-Tech Warfare Behind the Israel – Hamas Conflict  Slashdot b Taco Cowboy writes The Israel — Hamas conflict in … Read more

Turkish FM believes that they “fight colonizers in Middle East,’ while “Turkish delegation heads to US to talk Iraq, Israel and bilateral ties

  In Pictures, Worldwide Protests Against Israeli Military Action in Gaza Mashable! by Katie Sola Pro-Palestinian demonstrators marched through the streets of Paris over the weekend to rally against Israel’s invasion of Gaza, defying a ban on pro-Palestinian protests ‘We will fight colonizers in Middle East,’ Turkish FM vows  Hurriyet Daily News Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has … Read more

Islamist vandals last night attempted to attack Israel Consulate in İstanbul; destroyed a 30-year-old statue instead…

  VIDEO: Turkish police fire tear gas to disperse anti-Israel protesters Turkish deputies rallied for Gaza, before protesters pelted Israeli missions in Ankara and Istanbul with stones 20,000 Gazans in UN Shelters as Israel Launches Ground Invasion Israel launched a massive military offensive on Thursday, sending thousands of troops into Gaza   Turkey condemns Israel’s ground invasion of … Read more

Using Israel’s Gaza assault as a pretext, IHH president threatens Jewish communities in Turkey

IHH head Bülent Yıldırım tonight at a pro-government TV channel said as summed up above in pro-gov’t Yeni Şafak‘s Twitter message: “Israel’s spoiled attitude might finish Jewish communities in Turkey. Otherwise worse will happen…  Israel’s Deadly Gambits    Slate Articles by Fred Kaplan Israeli ground troops are moving into Gaza. From a purely tactical and short-term view, it makes … Read more

Journalists protest at BBC HQ for AJ team arrested in Egypt… A Journalism roundup…

James Hardy @jameshardy61 Journalists protest at BBC HQ over threat to free press worldwide and arrest of AlJaz team in Egypt   On the record: Journalism is not a crime AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (IN DEPTH) Colleagues of detained Al Jazeera journalists press demands for their release, 100 days after their arrest in Egypt. UNESCO Mapping World … Read more

Egypt expels Turkish ambassador… Another low point in Turkey’s failing foreign policy attempts…

PM Erdoğan responds to Egypt by making ?Rabaa? gesture PM Erdoğan flashed the ‘rabaa’ sign at a rally, hours after Egypt expulsed the Turkish envoy Egypt expels Turkish ambassador Egypt tells the Turkish ambassador to leave the country, after Turkey’s prime minister calls for the release of ousted President Mohammed Morsi. Egypt asks Turkish ambassador to … Read more

Turkey’s crying but authoritarian leaders….

A literally crying person might make you think they have such a compassion for all but it seems that most of Turkey’s leaders do that as a political rhetorical weapon and not compassionate at all towards citizens in opposition. I would naively expect much more understanding and compassion for opposing citizens instead of increasing police … Read more