Turkey’s crying but authoritarian leaders….

A literally crying person might make you think they have such a compassion for all but it seems that most of Turkey’s leaders do that as a political rhetorical weapon and not compassionate at all towards citizens in opposition. I would naively expect much more understanding and compassion for opposing citizens instead of increasing police brutality and threats against notable Turkish citizens on a daily basis now…

Turkish PM Erdoğan sheds tears on TV over Egyptian father’s letter to slain young girl

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan shed tears live TV on Aug. 22 over an Egyptian father’s letter to his daughter, who was killed by the security forces in Cairo

Tayyip Erdoğan crying:

But he did not feel like crying for citizens killed during Occupy Gezi…. Or many injured like Mustafa Ali Tonbul:

Mustafa Ali Tonbul (R) and his father Mehmet Tonbul's have been deeply affected by the police crackdown during the protests in Istanbul. DHA photo

Gezi protester recovering from police tear gas attack after waking up from coma

Mustafa Ali Tonbul, a young protester injured by a police tear gas canister in Istanbul, has returned to his home in İzmir after having survived two operations

Vice PM Bülent Arınç:

Crying preacher Fethullah Gülen:

Another one from Mr. Gülen:

Ankara Mayor Melih Gökçek:

Foreign Affairs Minister Mr. Davutoğlu cries in Gazze:

President Abdullah Gül crying:

 Chief of Staff, Necdet Özel, also cries:


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