Journalism agenda: Scandal at Telegraph. The lead political writer resigns…

Today we got our first real look into what the FAA intends to do about regulating drones in U.S. airspace — and frankly, it’s surprisingly flexible and permissive given what the agency has required of users up to now.

Put simply, drones for journalism becomes very possible and very legal under these rules. Only a few things wouldn’t be allowed, and they’re minor in the grand scheme of things.


“There’s a proper market for proper journalism”: an interview with Robert Peston

Robert Peston gives his views on what it’s like for entry level broadcast journalists in the BBC – and elsewhere – today. This is one of a series of features on, and by, young journalists.


Peter Osborne was the head political writer at the Telegraph, a rock-ribbed conservative paper owned by the shadowy Barclay brothers;

How Not to Be the Next Brian Williams

For years, Brian Williams told various versions of a story about his experiences during the U.S. invasion of Iraq in March 2003. Last week, he admitted he had gotten crucial facts wrong, and he apologized.


Riddle me this: How can news orgs better use games and quizzes?

The New York Times’ most popular piece of content in 2013 wasn’t an article — it was, of course, its now famous dialogue quiz. The quiz, published Dec. 21 of that year, was also the paper’s third most popular story of 2014.

Iconic TV journalist Bob Simon survived wars and imprisonment in Iraq but died in a car crash

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