Cyberculture agenda: “96% of Recruiters Use Social Media to Find High-Quality Candidates…

Blogging is competitive and if you are new to it, you might face a tough challenge. In order to create a fan base and gather an audience around your blog, you need to do something extra. An important fact is that blogging is not limited to writing only, but you have to be good at relationship building, content distribution, social account management and more.

Facebook’s dominance deepens

Two recent Facebook initiatives, “Instant Articles” and “” are set to entrench the firm’s dominance. Is this a moral monopoly in the making?

Mark Zuckerberg. Demotix/Lino De Vallier. All rights reserved.Mark Zuckerberg. Demotix/Lino De Vallier. All rights reserved.Many online platforms are eager to up their market share by controlling more of what their users see. Almost none have made quite as much progress on this as Facebook. I here describe two recent innovations from the firm, “Instant Articles” and “” to give a sense of Facebook’s capacity to shape the communications landscape.

The FTC May Investigate Google Android for Antitrust Abuses

Federal regulators are reportedly readying an investigation into whether Google used its Android mobile operating system to harm competitors.

New Reports Describe More Mass Surveillance and Schemes to Undermine Encryption

While a US government task was pondering ways to undermine encryption, British spies have been recording the browsing habits of Internet users.

utorrent-logo-newuTorrent was first released to the public on September 18, 2005 and the torrent client has come a long way since.

Google’s new Brotli compression algorithm is 26 percent better than existing solutions

Google is introducing a new compression algorithm named Brotli, which it says can reduce file sizes up to 26 percent over existing solutions.

Whoa. Microsoft Is Using Linux to Run Its Cloud

Whoa. Microsoft Is Using Linux to Run Its Cloud

Microsoft has admitted to something that used to be unthinkable: using Linux to run some of its own operations.

tpbThere’s a theory among anti-piracy organizations that if unauthorized sites like The Pirate Bay can be separated from their finances they’ll eventually become a burden to their operators and close down.

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