Key vote into graft claims postponed… “Turkish gov’t, HDP herald ‘new phase’ in Kurdish peace process

A legislative commission investigating graft claims involving four former ministers has delayed a vote about whether to send them to the Supreme Council until Jan. 5, 2015
How Turkey Sabotaged Its Future

President Erdogan’s fixation on the Ottoman past deprives Turkish youth of the skills they need most.
Some operations at TİB before the start of a large graft probe were unknown to the gov’t, Minister Lütfü Elvan has said


Russian Energy Minister Aleksandr Novak considers Turkey to be a reliable partner for the delivery of Russian natural gas to Europe, he said in a live TV interview
Both the government and the HDP have simultaneously announced that the stalled peace process has entered ‘a new phase,”’ with the latter emphasizing that the jailed PKK leader will assume a more central role in the new phase
Kurdish Delegation on the Resolution Process held a meeting with Vice PM Yalçın Akdoğan, informing that they had a consensus to make further steps by discussing on each topic.
Turkey has welcomed new German legislation that partially removes the citizenship ‘option model’

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