Turkish Parliament to vote for ISIL motion tomorrow as Turkey- Egypt tension continues…


NATO must be very clear that it would come to Turkey’s aid if Turkey was attacked, Stoltenberg said
A government motion to be voted tomorrow that would allow the Turkish Army to “make a military invention in Syria and Iraq if necessary” is confronted by various political parties including HDP, SYKP and ÖDP.
A quarrel between Turkey and Egypt has escalated through reciprocal statements, with the former accusing Cairo of continually carrying out undemocratic acts
ISIL fighters were closing in on a key Syrian town near the Turkish border, despite multiple US air strikes
Two of Turkey’s opposition parties have announced objections to the motion authorizing the army to conduct cross-border operations in Iraq and Syria

Tens of thousands of Syrian Kurds have flooded into Turkey fleeing the onslaught of Islamic State (Isis). The Agence France-Presse photographer Bulent Kilic captures the situation on the Syria-Turkey border

Turkey is drawing up plans for a safe haven on the border in Syria that will secure regions controlled by the Free Syrian Army and the Islamic Front, possibly manned only by Turkish troops
U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker has urged Ankara to introduce rules that will improve transparency in government procurement, as part of efforts to lift hurdles faced by U.S. companies in Turkey

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