Using Israel’s Gaza assault as a pretext, IHH president threatens Jewish communities in Turkey

IHH head Bülent Yıldırım tonight at a pro-government TV channel said as summed up above in pro-gov’t Yeni Şafak‘s Twitter message: “Israel’s spoiled attitude might finish Jewish communities in Turkey. Otherwise worse will happen…  Israel’s Deadly Gambits    Slate Articles by Fred Kaplan Israeli ground troops are moving into Gaza. From a purely tactical and short-term view, it makes … Read more

In sort of a twisted logic, Turkish PM [rejects to focus on claims but threatens] to show ?no mercy? to ?group? behind graft probe

Turkish police detain at least 23 in anti-al-Qaeda op, raid on İHH office Police have detained at least 23 people in an operation into al-Qaeda held simultaneously in six cities Turkish police raid aid agency’s offices in ‘crackdown on al-Qaida’ One person held in raid on Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) in Kilis, bordering Syria, amid … Read more

Day 1, Scene 1 in Turkey. ” arms in truck [in Hatay] bound for Syria…

During the day, Burhan Kuzu, an AKP deputy who happens to be a professor on constitutional law, tweeted that a list that contains around 2 thousand high level bureaucrats’ names have been given to PM Erdoğan. Supposedly these people are followers of Fethullah Gülen and will be eliminated from the state bureaucracy. Mr. Kuzu is … Read more

Turkey vs. Israel today: “Turkey says flotilla raid was ’cause for war’ -but they intend to start a war…

  Turkish frigate TCG Giresun is seen near Turkey’s Aksaz naval base in this June 2009 file photo. (Photo: AA) Turkey says flotilla raid was ’cause for war’ by ANKARA – The Associated Press Turkey’s prime minister has said Israel’s raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla last year was ’cause for war.’ Israel is paying … Read more

IHH’s Gaza Flotilla decision may have proved government hand in the flotilla case in general…

As I had previously written, the second Gaza Flotilla would be a political stunt. As AKP won the elections, it seems there is no need for a stunt. And Turkish boat dropping out of Gaza flotilla today proves the point… Gov’t pressure on İHH divides group before flotilla decision Hürriyet Daily News Under indirect pressure … Read more

elections over- back to business (!)- Syrian refugees flooding into Turkey and a TR foreign policy roundup

People cross into Turkey as they carry their luggage in a rural area on the Turkish side of the border zone between Syria and Turkey, near the Turkish? Read more »REUTERS/Osman Orsal Syrian troops bombard border town as refugees flee from World news: Turkey | by Martin Chulov, Nidaa Hassan Heavy shelling and gunfire … Read more

Mavi Marmara is back in Istanbul

More photos here. People wave Turkish and Palestinian flags next to the Mavi Marmara ship as it arrives at the Sarayburnu port. The Israeli navy raided the Mavi Marmara, which was part of a flotilla of aid ships bound for Gaza, in May, killing several passengers and sparking international outrage.? Read more »(AFP/Mustafa Ozer) Gaza … Read more

Israel opposes international probe, Turkey says no normalization then…

No Israel normalization without international probe, Turkish FM says

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Normalization of ties with Israel is out of the question if it rejects an international inquiry into the deadly raid on Gaza-bound aid ships, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said Monday.

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Karizmanın çizilmesi/ Charisma shattered: Scared Israeli commandos

Hürriyet releases some photos from the flotilla ambush… Israel has been uploading videos to defend her murder but people began to make fun of first class Israeli commandos beaten by unarmed activists…. More photos here. Daily Hürriyet publishes photos of bloodied Israeli soldiers from Hurriyet Dailynews Pictures showing bloodied Israeli commandos being overpowered by activists … Read more

Prof. Ronen Shamir: An open letter from Israel to friends and colleagues in Turkey

June 4th 2010 [43 years of occupation] An open letter from Israel to friends and colleagues in Turkey It is with great worry and sadness that I am witnessing the deteriorating relationship between Turkey and Israel. It is with horror and pain that I follow the unfolding dangerous betrayal of Israel’s own good by its … Read more

Fethullah Gülen does it again.


Julie Platner for the Wall Street Journal

Politics make strange bed fellows. Kemalists hate Fethullah Gülen. According to them he is behind every Islamic happening in Turkey. He had to leave Turkey and now he lives in US. Now they might actually like him for his statements on the Gaza Flotilla. In fact, he has a long record of cooperation with the Power. In late 1970s, he oppossed the boycott movement in universities that was aimed at protesting headscarf ban. Since then he and his movement accused political opponents of every sort. Only lately his movement began to take an active role when they allied with AKP circles and acquired direct Power…

IHH President’s reply here in Turkish.

Who opposed Turkey’s diplomatic initiatives? In UN, US, Norway and Italy. In NATO, Canada and Chezch Republic… via

Reclusive Turkish Imam Criticizes Gaza Flotilla


SAYLORSBURG, Pa.?Imam Fethullah Gülen, a controversial and reclusive U.S. resident who is considered Turkey’s most influential religious leader, criticized a Turkish-led flotilla for trying to deliver aid without Israel’s consent.
Fethullah Gülen does it again: criticises the Gaza flotilla.

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Cevdet abi is dead. He was one of the murdered activists…

Cevdet Kiliçlar

I met Cevdet Kılıçlar when I was in college. He was one of the most cordial Muslims I ever met. A positive man, who loved to help people around, altruistic for sure, and liked his job of photo-journalism (some of his photos can be found here). It is after midnight now, hard to stop tears. His funeral is tomorrow after the Friday prayer. It will probably become a grand Islamic demonstration as he was a beloved one. Not because of his militancy but because of inherent kindness he had. Not many Islamists have that… Cevdet abi, rest in peace.

Journalists Returned from Israel – İHH Employee Dead

from Bianet :: English
Humanitarian Help Foundation employee Cevdet Kılıçlar was killed during the Isreali attack on the aid ships bound to Gazza on 31 May. Sabah reporter Olgun said that all their personal belongings were seized. IPI criticized: “Worrying signal sent by Israel to repressive nations”.
Furkan Doğan was 19, 4 bullets found in his head…. May his soul rest in peace. via

Turkey honors slain activists, including US teen

from Yahoo news
Thousands of mourners hailed activists killed in an Israeli commando mission as martyrs Thursday, hoisting their coffins to cheers of “God is great,” while Turkish leaders said Israel had jeopardized its relationship with its closest Muslim ally despite meeting Ankara’s demand to release the hundreds captured in the raid.

Putting Names To Faces

A brief introduction to the nine Turkish people shot dead on 31 May 2010, by Israeli soldiers who attacked the Turkish vessel M.V. Mavi Marmara, as it attempted to transport humanitarian aid to the people of the Gaza Strip.

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Heroes are back.

Eight Turks, one US citizen shot dead in Israeli attack to aid ship, report says from Hurriyet Dailynews Eight Turks and a US national of Turkish origin were among the nine dead in an Israeli raid on Gaza-bound aid ships, Anatolia news agency reported. (UPDATED) More photos here. Turkey emerges as Middle East leader from … Read more

IHH answers: Was the flotilla carrying anything other than humanitarian aid cargo?

IHH (İnsani Yardım Vakfı) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Official sites:
Gaza Flotilla

IHH site.

Was the flotilla carrying anything other than humanitarian aid cargo?

No. The ships are carrying humanitarian aid only. The flotilla will deliver things like medical aid, food, clothing items, prefabricated homes, children?s playgrounds, stationery items, iron bars, cement. There is not even a razor, knife or jackknife onboard.

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Massacre aftermath III- Turkish flags in Protests all over the world

“Humanity attacked first.”
Turkish hackers attacked Likud’s, Israel’s governing party, website. A list of Turkish activists wounded in the attacked here.

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