Cyberculture agenda: ISIS vs Twitter a data visualization… Prolific twitterbots…

A report by the Brookings Institution analyzed a sample 20,000 ISIS-supporting Twitter accounts, and sought to answer the question of how suspending accounts impacts the community.


Meet the Editors Fighting Racism and Sexism on Wikipedia

Wikipedia’s goal has always been to democratize the consumption and creation of knowledge. But it’s far from the egalitarian ideal it set out to be.

Old, highly-retweeted tweets in which I was @’ed keep getting RT’ed by fake twitterbots whose profile photos, bios and names are randomly composited from other Twitter users; they follow each other and spawn at an alarming rate. Read the rest

Hamas promotional image featuring prominent membersHamas promotional image featuring prominent members, from left, Ismail Haniya, political leader of Hamas; Hamas spokeswoman Huda Naim, member of the Palestinian Legislative Council and Secretary of Hamas Bloc; Abu Ubaida, the spokesman for Hamas’s military wing the Al-Qassam Brigades; Rahwi Mushtawa, co-founder of Al Majd, a forerunner of Hamas’s military wing who spent 25 years in Israeli prisons

sharing-caringI remember when one of the biggest Spanish file-sharing sites was shut down. These file sharers had nowhere to go but The Pirate Bay (TPB). All of a sudden the top list of TPB was flooded with Spanish content except for one peculiar audiobook. It was a Swedish language course.

The value of a marketing platform for a brand can be gauged to a certain extent by asking these questions:

  • Who are its primary users?
  • How popular is it with them?
  • Do these users fit the bill as your brand’s target audience?
  • What is the closest alternative to target these users?

Now consider this:

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