Journalism roundup: Mapping Media Freedom in Europe

A Ushahidi platform to map media freedom in Europe here.  Index on Censorship and Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso are joining forces to map the state of media freedom in Europe. With your participation, we are mapping the violations, threats and limitations that European media professionals, bloggers and citizen journalists face everyday. We are also collecting … Read more

Buyrun: Perşembe 18:30’da Santral’de @BBCTrending etkinliğinde Cumhurbaşkanlığı Seçimleri

  İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi Halkla İlişkiler ve Kurumsal İletişim Yüksek Lisansı programının misafir edeceği #BBCTrending ekibi başta olmak cumhurbaşkanlığı seçimleri olmak üzere bir forum gerçekleştirecek. Bekleriz. Bu arada, tartışma İngilizce olacak. 7 Ağustos 2014 Perşembe- Santral Kampüsü E4-305      

Ahmet Sabancı (@ahmetasabanci) “No Place to Hide”ı değerlendirdi…

Ahmet A. Sabancı EFD için Glen Greenwald’un “No Place to Hide”ını değerlendirdi…  2013 Haziran’ında Edward Snowden ve onun NSA’den sızdırdığı belgelerle karşılaştığımızda büyük bir kısmımız gerçekten şok geçirmişti. Kimimiz gerçektne böyle şeylerin sadece komplo teorisi olduğunu düşünüyordu, kimimiz de (tıpkı benim gibi) bunların olduğunu tahmin ediyor ama bu kadarını beklemiyordu. Ancak herkes ortak bir noktada … Read more

“Sketch portraits of journalists hard at work … Journalism updates…

  washingtonpost: Sketch portraits of journalists hard at work at…   In Philadelphia, the Internet Archive is assembling a new way to monitor campaigns on TV  Nieman Journalism Lab by Caroline O’Donovan Anyone who’s spent time in politics knows the power of television to push messages and shape minds. But measuring its impact can require access to … Read more

Anthropology roundup: “Anthropologists as Scholarly Hipsters…”Computers and Sociocultural Anthropology…

  Anthropology and the Latest Afghan War (2001?Present) Peace Research Institute Oslo ????The idea of contracting anthropologists to assist in counterinsurgency contexts ? with monitoring, analysis, networking ? is an old one, reinvigorated in the context of the NATO-led Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, initiated in 2001.   Computers and Sociocultural Anthropology  Savage Minds: Notes and … Read more

Pulitzer goes to Greenwald and Poitras for Coverage on Snowden’s NSA Leaks… A journalism roundup

Pulitzer Awarded to Greenwald and Poitras for Coverage on Snowden’s NSA Leaks Mashable! by Jason Abbruzzese   The Guardian and the Washington Post have been awarded the prestigious Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for their reporting on the NSA surveillance that the leaked documents from Edward Snowden brought to light How some journalists are using … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: Two jailed Kurdish lawmakers released… Gezi indictment levels terror-related charges…

Gezi indictment levels terror-related charges against 36 protesters   Prosecutors have charged 36 people with being members of a terrorist organization in the indictment over Gezi protests   Two jailed Kurdish lawmakers released upon top court?s ruling   Peace and Democracy Party lawmakers İbrahim Ayhan and Gülser Yıldırım were detained as part of the Kurdish … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: Foxconn moved from China to western Turkey…Q&A with James Kuffner, Google Robotics Researcher

  Foxconn whose clients include Apple Dell and HP have moved from China to western Turkey, the gateway of Europe.   In 2012 Organized Rage pointed out in a series of articles if Foxconn Technology Group which manufactures Apple, Dell, HP and other high tech companies products, are given half a chance it will bring … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: “a master list of the 10,000 worst passwords…Amazon’s drones…

Worst passwords   (click to embiggen) Mark Burnett, whose work has been featured here before, has used lists of leaked passwords to compile a master list of the 10,000 worst passwords (with accompanying wordcloud, see above); an astonishing 91 percent of all passwords used appear in the top 1000. Here’s the top 100, with their relative frequency: NSA tracks … Read more

Journalism roundup: “The Guardian experiments with a robot-generated newspaper…

The Guardian experiments with a robot-generated newspaper with The Long Good Read   The Guardian is experimenting in the craft newspaper business and getting some help from robots. That may sound odd, given that the company prints a daily paper read throughout Britain. A paper staffed by humans. But the company is tinkering with something … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: NSA spying on Internet companies…

MAIN FOCUS: NSA spying on Internet companies | 31/10/2013 The NSA intelligence agency also infiltrated the main communication links of Internet giants Google and Yahoo around the globe, secret documents leaked by Edward Snowden and published by the Washington Post on Wednesday reveal.The spying programmes testify to a pathological desire for control, some commentators say. … Read more

A busy FP roundup: “US seriously concerned over Turkey?s China decision….”EU to resume membership talks with Turkey

  No strategic shift after Iran-West rapprochement, says President Gül The argument that rapprochement between Iran and West will bring changes in strategic relations in the region is ?being exaggerated,? according to Turkish President US seriously concerned over Turkey?s China decision The US is ?seriously concerned? about Turkey?s decision to purchase a missile system from … Read more

A Qatari plane brings Turkish pilots held hostage in Lebanon back home…

Just another case of Turkey‘s misery in Middle East. Looks like they needed some Qatari help…  Turkish pilots held hostage in Lebanon arrive in Istanbul A Qatari plane carrying both pilots has landed at Istanbul airport tonight at 11:05 p.m Turkey rejects EU view of handling of protests, pleased with report ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Turkey … Read more

Turkey denies claims on disclosure of Israeli spies…EU urges opening of chapter on rights, justice.. A FP roundup…

  Turkey denies claims on disclosure of Israeli spies, intelligence chief Turkish government officials were quick to deny claims reported by Washington Post columnist David Ignatius that Ankara blew the cover on a group of Israeli spies Washington Post columnist claims Turkey blew Israeli spies? cover Erdoğan disclosed information to Iranian intelligence about 10 Iranians … Read more

one in four in US owns an e-reader (new PEW research)..Breaking Bad Creator: Illegal Downloading Raised Brand Awareness… a Cyberculture roundup

Pew: One in three Americans owns a tablet, one in four owns an e-reader, and 43% have one or the other One in three Americans now owns a tablet, or 35 percent of the population aged 16 and older. At the same time, one in four US citizens at least 16-years-old now owns an e-reader. Mixing … Read more