Ahmet Sabancı (@ahmetasabanci) “No Place to Hide”ı değerlendirdi…

Ahmet A. Sabancı EFD için Glen Greenwald’un “No Place to Hide”ını değerlendirdi…  2013 Haziran’ında Edward Snowden ve onun NSA’den sızdırdığı belgelerle karşılaştığımızda büyük bir kısmımız gerçekten şok geçirmişti. Kimimiz gerçektne böyle şeylerin sadece komplo teorisi olduğunu düşünüyordu, kimimiz de (tıpkı benim gibi) bunların olduğunu tahmin ediyor ama bu kadarını beklemiyordu. Ancak herkes ortak bir noktada … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: “Hyperlinking is Not Copyright Infringement…”5 PayPal Alternatives …

  Hyperlinking is Not Copyright Infringement, EU Court Rules The European Union has been expanding since its creation in the 1950s and is now comprised of 28 member states, each committed to EU law. One of the key roles of the EU?s Court of Justice is to examine and interpret EU legislation to ensure its uniform application across … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: PEW research on “Couples, the Internet, and Social Media

  Couples, the Internet, and Social Media How American couples use digital technology to manage life, logistics, and emotional intimacy within their relationships Love And Religion On Facebook   A Complete, Interactive History of Bitcoin In less than a decade, Bitcoin has gone from concept to niche cryptocurrency, and recently it has made significant inroads into … Read more

Open Letter By 23 European Organisations In Support Of Snowden’s Nomination For The Sakharov Prize

Appeal to the Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament Available translations: Turkish | English Dear Presidents, We write to you on behalf of 23 European non-governmental organisations protecting fundamental rights, including the freedom of expression and information, to lend our support to the selection of Edward Snowden for the Sakharov Prize. Edward Snowden?s recent disclosures have triggered … Read more

Journalism news: UK intel officials enter Guardian offices to destroy Snowden docs. Still they don’t get it…

UK intel officials enter Guardian offices, destroy hard drives with Snowden docs   Glenn Greenwald, left, with David Miranda, who was held for nine hours at Heathrow under schedule 7 of Britain’s terror laws. Photograph: Ricardo Moraes/Reuters The UK government smashed the Guardian?s hard drives in hopes of stopping the Snowden leaks The Guardian Editor … Read more

Ahmet Sabancı: PRISM: Nedir, Neden Önemli, Neler Olacak?

PRISM: Nedir, Neden Önemli, Neler Olacak?   Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning ve Wikileaks ekibinden sonra son yılların en büyük ve önemli sızıntılarından birisini gerçekleştirdi. Aslında sızdırdığı belgeler yeni bir şeyi ortaya çıkartmadı. Herkesin tahmin ettiği ve üzerine komplolar ürettiği bir konuda gerçekten neler olup bittiğini bize kanıtlarla gösterdi. Bir anlamda efsanenin gerçek olduğunu gösterdi.   … Read more

Cyberculture roundup: “Snowden applies for asylum in Russia…”Marissa Mayer and Yahoo: A Look Back at Year One

Snowden applies for asylum in Russia Fugitive US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden has applied for temporary asylum in Russia from inside Moscow’s airport, officials say. Spies and whistleblowers Edward Snowden, a former contractor for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, has been trapped in the transit lounge of Sheremetyevo airport MAIN FOCUS: Snowden wants asylum in … Read more

5 Top Bitcoin Alternatives..Snowden to Venezuela… The Atlantic piece on Reddit.. A cyberculture roundup

Snowden points to US moral decline The debate reinstates the most morally problematic aspect of imperialism: rules that apply to the ?civilised? do not apply to outsiders Snowden: Your Emails or Facebook Profile Can Make You an NSA Target How does the National Security Agency choose who to target for surveillance? Snowden interviewed on NSA … Read more

All doors seem to have slammed in Snowden’s face…Guy Fawkes Masks… a Cyberculture roundup…

Why doors have slammed in Snowden?s face The NSA leaks have prompted an important question: do we have strong enough oversight of our spies? Why Won?t Anyone Take Edward Snowden? Poor Edward Snowden! He?s willing to live nearly anywhere, but no country is willing to accept him. Not Ecuador. Not China, Russia, Norway, or Spain. … Read more

A new turn in the PRISM scandal. US bugged EU offices & networks in DC…a Cyberculture roundup…

NSA leaks: US bugged EU offices & networks in DC An article in Der Speigel expands on the descriptions we’ve had of the Snowden/NSA leaks, and claims that the US planted bugs in the EU’s Washington offices and took over their internal computer network, intercepting its traffic.     Fresh intelligence row over US ‘bugging’ … Read more

Snowden drama today. Diplomatic row between US and Russia… and a Cyberculture roundup…

Morning Brief: Diplomatic Row Over Snowden Continues as Putin Refuses Extradition Diplomatic Row Over Snowden Continues as Putin Refuses Extradition     White House urges Russia to expel Snowden without delay The White House urged Russia to expel former government contractor Edward Snowden ‘without delay,’ as Kremlin opted out handing him over to the U.S. … Read more

Cyberculture roundup: Snowden on the run…

Snowden seeks asylum in Ecuador Ecuador’s foreign ministry has confirmed that Edward Snowden has officially applied for asylum in Ecuador. He left Hong Kong this morning, landed in Moscow, and is said to be heading for Cuba next. MAIN FOCUS: Informer Snowden on the run | 24/06/2013 Edward Snowden, the whistleblower wanted by the US, … Read more