A busy FP roundup: “US seriously concerned over Turkey?s China decision….”EU to resume membership talks with Turkey


No strategic shift after Iran-West rapprochement, says President Gül

The argument that rapprochement between Iran and West will bring changes in strategic relations in the region is ?being exaggerated,? according to Turkish President

US seriously concerned over Turkey?s China decision

The US is ?seriously concerned? about Turkey?s decision to purchase a missile system from China, the US Ambassador to Turkey says

Turkish medical centre helps wounded Syrians

The Syrian Medical Centre is a long-term care facility for those wounded in the Syrian conflict.


Turkey Adrift

Ankara?s decision to buy a weapons system from a Chinese company signals that Turkey has lost its way on foreign policy.


Riyadh to shift away from US over Syria

Saudi Arabia?s intelligence chief has said the kingdom will make a ?major shift? in dealings with the United States


Syria meeting agrees Assad can have no role in future government: Hague

Western and Arab powers meeting with Syrian opposition leaders in London agreed Tuesday that President Bashar al-Assad could not be part of any future government

Israel distances itself from diplomatic confrontation with Turkey

An Israeli spokesperson stressed that the Washington Post story claiming that there were intense ?spy wars?

NATO wants say in Turkey-China missile deal

NATO’s chief said Tuesday he hoped Turkey would keep in mind the military alliance’s views as it mulls a missile defence deal with China.

MAIN FOCUS: EU plans to resume talks with Turkey | 23/10/2013

The EU’s foreign ministers decided on Tuesday to open a new chapter in the accession negotiations with Turkey. Some commentators see this as a good time to resume the talks. Others doubt Turkey’s political readiness in view of the unresolved Kurdish problem and police brutality against the Gezi Park demonstrators in the summer.

EU to resume membership talks with Turkey

European Union governments agreed on Tuesday (22 October) to hold a new round of accession talks with Turkey on 5 November, after Germany dropped its opposition voiced after Ankara’s crackdown on anti-government protests earlier this year.

The launch of a new “chapter” of negotiations with the EU membership candidate comes after a three-year hiatus in Turkey’s bid during which no new areas of negotiations were opened.

Turkey?s Gradual Revolution

Throughout his tenure, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been condemned by the country’s secularists for pursuing too much reform, and by its minorities for doing too little. But Erdoğan has managed to navigate this difficult landscape deftly, bringing about significant democratic change in a single decade.

How Gezi protests ?unmasked? Turkey

Luckily, we have left behind the first eight tumultuous years of Turkish accession negotiations

The Progress Report?s economy criticisms

The European Union?s Turkey Progress Report was issued during the long holiday break

Jewish youth leaving Turkey due to political strain in bilateral relations

Turkey?s Jewish youth turn to leave the country behind due to the deteriorating relations with Israel and rising Anti-Semitism, says a community figure

Overwhelmed by Syrian Refugees, Bulgaria Seeks EU Aid

Bulgaria, as the closest EU country to Syria, is seeing more than its fair share of the average 5,000 refugees that are fleeing Syria every day. Unprepared and inexperienced in dealing with this influx of refugees seeking shelter, food and protection, Syria has requested assistance and financial aid from the European Union. Meanwhile, some Bulgarian ministers have allegedly proposed to use some of the new funding to put up a 30-kilometer barrier fence along the border with Turkey to prevent illegal entry.

Restrained reaction to EU report

There is a significant difference between official reactions from Ankara to the European Union?s Progress Report on Turkey this year and the report it issued last year.

Dutch journalist claims he will be banned from Turkey as of 2014

A Dutch journalist claimed he was blacklisted and told by the authorities that he will not be able to get a new press card as of 2014 due to security-related concerns

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