So police state style. No court orders will be needed to block sites or record web traffic…

Turkey internet ban protest 2011
Turkey internet ban protest 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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By Ozge Ozbilgin ANKARA (Reuters) – Turkey’s parliament passed a law tightening Internet controls and expanding the powers of its telecoms authority late on Monday, weeks after a new government took office pledging the beginning of a “new Turkey”. The move comes on top of legislation passed in February that made it easier for the authorities to block access to web pages without a prior court

‘Censorship in Turkey linked to past blackouts on minorities’
Today’s Zaman
It is not surprising that Turkey, which has in the past used censorship against Armenians and Kurds, is now experiencing censorship as restrictions on free speech used against one group are doomed to spread to others, Julian Assange of WikiLeaks fame

 In other news:

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Kozan ‏@Khosann  Who bribes most? Corruption levels by country … @ozuckan @pinardag Go Turkey go! #dataviz

Syria’s refugees: fears of abuse grow as Turkish men snap up wives

Increasing number of women who have fled conflict are opting to marry Turks, many as second, third or even fourth wives
Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu will pay his first visit abroad to North Cyprus and Azerbaijan later this month, in line with the country’s state traditions
Trabzonspor is set to say farewell to the legendary Avni Aker to settle on a new complex built on an artificial island in the Black Sea that includes a stadium with a capacity of more than 40,000 spectators
The dark side of Turkey’s labor sector was laid bare with the Sept. 6 incident in which 10 workers were killed at a luxury high-rise construction site in Istanbul
Mavi Boncuk |ILO statistics. Turkey is 4th worst in Fatal Accidents  yet 7th best in Work Related Mortality. The results are clear. Target fatalities.

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