Whining like a child: “Turkey will probably never become a member of the EU because of ‘prejudiced’ attitudes…


Egemen Bağış baklayı ağzından çıkarmış: "Turkey


Turkey will probably never be EU member, Minister Bağış says

Bağış has said Turkey will probably never become a member of the EU because of ‘prejudiced’ attitudes


Turkish investors urge foreign policy revision

The head of TÜSİAD calls for Ankara to return to being an honest broker in the wider region in the interests of boosting the country?s economy

Despite lavish public praise, US is deeply troubled by Erdogan

Armenian Reporter

Some months ago I wrote a column titled “Obama is Exploiting TurkishLeaders’ Craving for Flattery,” explaining that the U.S. President is able to persuade Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to do his bidding by taking advantage of his weakness for …

With Neighbors Like These

Syria?s problems are exposing Turkey?s own challenges with its Alevi minority.

Iraq’s Kurds vote amid rows, regional tensions

Iraq’s Kurds vote on Sept. 21 for their parliament as the autonomous region grapples with disputes with the federal government

Baku urges Ankara not to repeat 2009 ?mistake?

The chief of the foreign relations department of the Azerbaijani Presidency urges Ankara not to repeat the 2009 ?mistake? of attempting to open borders with Armenia before the country withdraws from occupied lands

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