Turkey explicitly declares: No cooperation if Kurds in Syria involved…

Turkey will not cooperate in US support for Kurds in Syria, says Erdogan  World news: Turkey | guardian.co.uk President calls Syrian Kurdish group a terrorist organisation US launches further air strikes against Isis at Kobani US-led air strikes kill 10 civilians, say monitors Turkey would not agree to any US arms transfers to Kurdish fighters who … Read more

Anti-ISIS Students in İstanbul Uni attacked but News reported as a fight between students… #Kobane updates

https://twitter.com/OccupiedTaksim/status/521582854934122496  Anti-ISIS Students Attacked Again on Campus  Bianet :: English Around 25 students have been detained after the clashes between an allegedly pro-ISIS group and those who protest ISIS presence in Kobane. The former group reportedly attacked the latter with batons and machetes on Istanbul University campus. Police detain 26 at Istanbul University, confiscate batons and machete … Read more

A long night for Turkey. Rallies all over the country for #Kobane

This blog in Turkish collects images from several rallies… Sendika.org also provides live updates.   Boots on the ground in Syria ‘if the US strategy includes going after Assad,’ says Turkish PM Hurriyet Daily News Ground troops can be used in the operation targeting the ISIL as part of a comprehensive strategy targeting the Bashar al-Assad regime, … Read more

Syria updates. “the Jihadi Group That’s Declared War on Syria’s Moderate Rebels….

Meet the Jihadi Group That’s Declared War on Syria’s Moderate Rebels BEIRUT, Lebanon — Just a few months ago, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) didn’t officially exist. Now, the al Qaeda affiliate known colloquially as al-Dawla — simply “the state” — has emerged as a clear and present danger to Syria’s mainstream … Read more