Damn with the EU, Turkish PM Erdoğan to Putin: Take us to Shanghai

Turkish PM Erdoğan to Putin: Take us to Shanghai


Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has again opened up the debate on Turkey?s membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation

Turkish PM Erdoğan meets Russian President Putin


Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has met with Russian President Vladimir Putin as a part of a two-day official visit

Turkey elected to UNESCO World Heritage Committee

Turkey has been elected as a member of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee for the new term

German parties say EU may not be able to let Turkey join

Reuters (UK) Tuesday, November 19, 2013, Berlin The European Union may not be able to accept Turkey as a member, German parties negotiating a coalition government have said, while making clear the EU?s ?privileged relationship? with Ankara should be developed further. In a paper on foreign policy, Chancellor Angela Merkel?s conservatives and the center-left Social

Turkey has ‘nothing to learn’ from Greece on religious freedoms

Turkish Foreign Ministry released a statement yesterday in response to Greek anger over the possible conversion

Kurds are now shaping the Middle East | Ranj Alaaldin

With governments embroiled in uprisings, Kurds are beginning to benefit ? is autonomy in north-east Syria just the start?

The leading Syrian Kurdish rebel group has said it intends to form a government in Kurdish-dominated north-east Syria, where it has been operating as the de facto government since last year. This signals the emergence of another autonomous Kurdish region, following the autonomy that Iraq’s Kurds have enjoyed since the 1990s.


By abandoning conservatives AKP helps anti-Turkey bloc in EU

All right! It is a fact that Turkey?s East has been witnessing historic developments with Turkish Prime Minister

Erdoğan-Putin alliance vs. Greenpeace-Gezi activists


Accompanied by a large delegation composed of ministers, high-level bureaucrats and journalists

Davutoğlu accuses al-Assad of exploiting delays to Syria peace talks

Damascus is ramping up its bombings and starving its people, the foreign minister said


No ease in Syrian refugee influx into Turkey

The intense flow of Syrian refugees to Turkey has not dropped, according to figures provided by the Foreign Ministry

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