Anthropology roundup: “Jack Goody (1919-2015): an oral history

Jack Goody (1919-2015): an oral history  Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology — A Group Blog [The following is an invited post by Keith Hart, Centennial Professor of Economic Anthropology in the Department of International Development at the London School of Economics and International Director of the Human Economy Program in the Centre for the … Read more

Eurosphere agenda: Grexit seems to have been avoided

MAIN FOCUS: Agreement between Euro Group and Athens | 13/07/2015 euro|topics After 17 hours of talks the Euro Group leaders reached a compromise with Athens on Monday morning. The dispute between the proponents and detractors of a Grexit had flared openly on the weekend. Some commentators see a growing rift between France and Germany after the … Read more

“AAA Statement on Police Practices… Anthropology roundup…

AAA Statement on Police Practices  American Anthropological Association by Joslyn O. AAA President Monica Heller releases public statement on police practices in the United States and calls upon anthropologists to help create equitable policing: In the United States, too many black Americans are killed by officers of the law. As anthropologists, we must speak out whenever … Read more

Fresh riots in Greece… Government collapse in Sweden… Eurosphere agenda…

Violence erupts at Greece protests  BBC News | Europe | World Edition Protesters in the Greek capital Athens throw rocks and petrol bombs, at a rally marking six years since police killed an unarmed teenager. Juncker says South Stream pipeline can still be built European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has insisted the €32 billion South Stream natural … Read more

Anthropology roundup: “Why archeologists hate Indiana Jones

Four Burni Why archeologists hate Indiana Jones Boing Boing by David Pescovitz Inspired by Indiana Jones, I was an archeology major for about 10 minutes at the start of my freshman year in college ng Questions for Audra Simpson, professor ofAnthropology at … McGill Reporter The soirée will feature Audra Simpson, a McGill alumnae who … Read more

R.I.P: Iain Banks Dies at 59.. A literati roundup…

Scottish author Iain Banks Dies at 59 Scottish author Iain Banks has died at the age of 59. Banks found out earlier this year that he had gall bladder that had spread and was inoperable. He said in a blog post to fans that he had less than a year to live. He married his … Read more

17-18-19 Haziran 2013’de Bilgi’de: “Kitleleri Yeniden Düşünmek: Şiddet, Hukuk ve Demokrasi

Tarih: 17-18-19 Haziran 2013 Saat: 9.30-17.30 Yer: santralistanbul Kampüsü, E1-301 Gün geçtikçe daha da büyüyen, çoğalan, farklı etnik yapılara ve sosyal sınıflara dağılan kitle şiddeti, artık hukuk sistemlerini ve adına demokrasi dediğimiz toplumsal örgütlenmeleri tekrar sorgulamamızı gerektirmektedir. Kitlenin hukukla, siyasetle, demokrasiyle ilişkisini ve etki alanını ortaya koymak, hem içinde bulunduğumuz veya bulunmak istediğimiz sistemleri hem de insan … Read more

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