Latest victim of Insulting Erdoğan is an academic… A roundup..

  Bilgi University Lays Off Academic over ‘Insulting President’ Bianet :: English İstanbul Bilgi University has laid off the academic, Prof. Dr. Balıkçıoğlu following the news of her insulting the President.  Turkish university professor sacked for insulting President Erdoğan during lecture The Independent A university professor has been dismissed from her post at an Istanbul institution … Read more

Yarın akşam bekleriz: #BilgiPRCC Kurumsal İletişim Sohbeti- Eşref Günaydın (Microsoft Bilgi İçerik Deneyimleri Grubu Ülke Müdürü)

PRCC Kurumsal İletişim Sohbetleri-8 Tarih: 18 Aralık 2014, Perşembe Saat: 18.30- 20.00 Yer: santralistanbul Kampüsü, ÇSM-403 Konuşmacı: Eşref Günaydın (Microsoft Bilgi İçerik Deneyimleri Grubu Ülke Müdürü) İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi Halkla İlişkiler ve Kurumsal İletişim Yüksek Lisans Programı tarafından hayata geçirilen “BİLGİ PRCC Kurumsal İletişim Sohbetleri”, iletişim yöneticilerinin katılımıyla şekillenen bir konuşma dizisi olup, stratejik iletişimin güncel konuları gerek … Read more

My Cyber-Anthropology Course readings for 2014 Fall Semester

Just revised my stuff and decided to assign readings below. I hope we will have a productive semester.  I will need to polish it up a bit but this will give you a sense of what we are up to this semester;)  MED 521 Cyber Anthropology for Media Studies is a course designed for Media … Read more

#IGF2014 notes- Meeting with the head of EU Delegation #FHDel

A high level EU Commission official led a meeting with Freedom House delegates, whom I belong to at IGF2014. In principle the EU may be one of the most committed political establishment for digital privacy and they plan to do more on the digital field as they are well aware of growing importance. Our, in … Read more

A day before the Presidential Election. #TurkeyVotes

#BBCtrending in Istanbul BBC News #BBC Trending is in Istanbul to talk trends and online battles in a country where social media has in the past been blocked. Presenter Mukul Devichand is joined at Bilgi University in Istanbul to discuss the trends and memes of the elections and the Şero the Cat called to duty for elections Turkey’s … Read more

A talk by +JeffJarvis (@JeffJarvis) at Bilgi University this evening…

Jeff Jarvis of Buzz Machine gave a speech at our Communication School. We have a fantastic guest today. @jeffjarvis speaking now at @ifbilgi — Erkan Saka (@sakaerka) May 26, 2014 Jarvis: internet still too young and too early… what the hell is it, we don't know yet. — Erkan Saka (@sakaerka) May 26, 2014 "social … Read more

DNS change explained on Turkey Streets (!) and a roundup on the Twitter Ban

I got the phone from this Twitter account.  A few news/op-ed I was also quoted and some others: ‘Twitter schmitter?’ Turkey’s prime minister vows to block the social … Public Radio International- Cyber critic Erkan Saka, who lectures at Istanbul?s Bilgi University, said the government isn?t strong enough to effectively shut down social media. But he … Read more

Protests against Internet censorship law expected this evening in many cities..

In the mean time, I am also quoted in this BBC piece: Half a million ‘internet censorship’ tweets   Why Turks say they are being muzzled online Half a million ‘internet censorship’ tweets BBC News Traditional media in Turkey is heavily regulated and, according to Erkan Saka, a political blogger and professor of communications at … Read more

Washington Post piece on Laureate, the owner of Bilgi University

Laureate, a for-profit education firm, finds international success (with a Clinton?s help) Dado Galdieri/Bloomberg – Douglas Becker, the chairman and chief executive officer of Laureate Education, listens during a panel discussion at the Clinton Global Initiative Latin America in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in this 2013 file photo…..

Youtube partially blocked. Turkish government is messing up with our Internet Freedom. Current situation

A few hours ago two ISPs, Turknet and Uydunet announced blockage. Not other ISPs yet apply the court rule. A few days ago Vimeo was blocked first, then unblocked. But particular videos could be blocked in Vimeo and other video sharing sites. Government’s excuse is to block sex videos of government officials but as one … Read more

17-18-19 Haziran 2013’de Bilgi’de: “Kitleleri Yeniden Düşünmek: Şiddet, Hukuk ve Demokrasi

Tarih: 17-18-19 Haziran 2013 Saat: 9.30-17.30 Yer: santralistanbul Kampüsü, E1-301 Gün geçtikçe daha da büyüyen, çoğalan, farklı etnik yapılara ve sosyal sınıflara dağılan kitle şiddeti, artık hukuk sistemlerini ve adına demokrasi dediğimiz toplumsal örgütlenmeleri tekrar sorgulamamızı gerektirmektedir. Kitlenin hukukla, siyasetle, demokrasiyle ilişkisini ve etki alanını ortaya koymak, hem içinde bulunduğumuz veya bulunmak istediğimiz sistemleri hem de insan … Read more

Erdoğan talks, Turkish EFD falls 6%… Videos, photos, commentaries from the civic resistance #OccupyTurkey

Erdogan defies Turkish protesters – live updates Follow live updates after Recep Tayyip Erdogan insisted that he will go ahead with plans to develop Taksim Square Protests threaten Turkey’s economy Protests threaten to derail Turkey’s economic success Çapulcu Music Archive Taksim Gezi Resistance is creating its own tunes. There is a rising trend in the number of songs … Read more

by the way, “Beautiful minds” meet up at BİLGİ…plus Isaac Asimov, Grateful Dead archive and academic roundup…

Beautiful minds meet up at BİLGİ Hurriyet Daily News Nobel prize winners Eric Maskin (2nd L), John Nash (C), Reinhard Selten (2nd R) and Roger Myerson (R) delivered a joint session to Istanbul Bilgi University (BİLGİ) students within the scope of the four-day World Congress of the Game Theory Society. Participants impressed by strong content, … Read more

BITS Summer School attendants’ blogs for their Istanbul experience

Throughout July, I will be teaching the course, Social Media and Corporate Communication, for a group of students from BITS University, Germany. There is a summer school, hosted at Bilgi University by BITS and I am one of the lecturers.  There will be other blogs to be added to the list, check out Istanbul experiences … Read more

Dear Prof. David Harvey, here is why the open letter adressed to you about Bilgi U. is bullshit:

Dear Prof. Harvey, I am deeply honored that you will be our guest at Istanbul Bilgi University. I realized that an open letter is addressed to you about your visit and talks at the university I have been lecturing. I did need to write to clear some of the arguments in that letter which is … Read more