After 17 hours of talks the Euro Group leaders reached a compromise with Athens on Monday morning. The dispute between the proponents and detractors of a Grexit had flared openly on the weekend. Some commentators see a growing rift between France and Germany after the talks. Others voice hopes that the EU will emerge strengthened from an agreement in this protracted dispute.

Greek Defiance Has a History

In 1920, the beleaguered Greeks had no option other than to bow to their creditors’ demands. But they didn’t.
Joseph Stiglitz on Greece debt crisis

Economist Joseph Stiglitz says Europe needs to keep supporting Greece.

Prominent economist and Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz accused Germany on Sunday (12 July) of displaying a “lack of solidarity” with debt-laden Greece that has badly undermined Europe.


Momentous times for democracy in Europe

What is striking about the Greek crisis is the way in which the creditors and the European Commission and many politicians especially in Germany are hardwired to equate reforms with austerity.

EU summit held in Brussels over Greek financial crisis.

Eurozone ‘agreement’ on Greece debt

Eurozone leaders have reached a “unanimous” agreement after marathon talks over a third bailout for Greece, EU chairman Donald Tusk says.

Anger, outrage and dark humor were on display on Sunday as the world waited for European leaders to figure out a solution to the most recent installment of the Greek debt crisis.


Leaders try to thrash out Greek deal

Eurozone leaders talk through the night in Brussels in a bid to agree terms for a new bailout for Greece and stop it crashing out of the single currency.
Greece on July 12 faced a final EU summit to clinch a deal that would stop Athens crashing out of the euro after divided eurozone ministers halted “very difficult” talks on a new bailout overnight.

The EU’s ideals of peace, democracy and reconciliation deserve to be promoted, even as European leaders are pre-ccupied with other concerns, writes James Bartholomeusz.

Why Greece sees France as last hope

Why Greece eyes France as last hope
New mobility regimes, new forms of exploitation in Sicily

Asylum seekers, refugees and poor EU citizens are vulnerable to labour exploitation in EU member states. Sicily’s agricultural sector illuminates how structural gaps and individual needs exacerbate that vulnerability.


While the European immigration crisis is not showing any signs of dying down, the EU has been taking some much needed measures related to saving the lives of the people who are trying to enter Europe trough the Mediterranean. Aside from the Mediterranean Sea, migrants have also been fleeing their home countries by way of the now familiar ‘Balkan Route’, traveling from Kosovo and war-torn Middle Eastern countries. One of the key entrance points to European grounds is the route from non-EU Serbia into neighboring EU member Hungary. Hence, to keep immigrants out of the European Union, the Hungarian PM is planning on erecting a 4-meter-high, 175-kilometer-long fence along the border with Serbia.

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