Anthropology roundup: “Why archeologists hate Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Four Burni

Why archeologists hate Indiana Jones

Boing Boing by David Pescovitz

Inspired by Indiana Jones, I was an archeology major for about 10 minutes at the start of my freshman year in college

ng Questions for Audra Simpson, professor ofAnthropology at …

McGill Reporter

The soirée will feature Audra Simpson, a McGill alumnae who is an Associate Professor of Anthropology at Columbia University. In her address, Simpson will discuss the significance of McGill as a training ground for scholarship and engaged political life.

Asifa Majid on language and olfaction


When I first ran across Asifa Majid’s  article with Ewelina Wnuk in Cognition, about how speakers of Maniq, a language indigenous to southern Thailand, have a vocabulary for talking about smell, I was taken aback. In anthropology, especially since the work of people like David Howes, Constance Classen, and Andrew Synott, we know very well that different cultures privilege olfaction and other senses more than Westerners do. The anthropology of the sense has made it clear that the ideological privileging of vision in the West, and relative underdevelopment of sense of smell or proprioception, is not matched elsewhere.

Anthropology professor’s study analyzes Irish immigration

Observer Online

Ian Kuijt, professor of anthropology at Notre Dame, presented his findings regarding the importance of the hearth and its connection to the narrative of Irish immigration in the Snite Museum of Art on Saturday. Kuijt’s research, titled “The Empty .

Anthropologists Announce New Task Force on AAA Engagement with Israel/Palestine

American Anthropological Association by Joslyn O.

The Executive Board of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) announces the creation of the Task Force on AAA Engagement with Israel/Palestine, part of a broad association effort to respond to members’ interest in dialogue about the ongoing Israel/Palestine conflict. The Task Force is charged with helping the Executive Board consider the nature and extent to which AAA might contribute to addressing the issues that the Israel/Palestine conflict raises. It will report to the Executive Board by October 1st, 2015.

Cancer, anthropology and anger

In Malignant: How Cancer Becomes Us, Stanford anthropologist S. Lochlann Jain writes of her personal experiences with breast cancer, creating a tapestry into which she weaves both personal andanthropological perspectives. Jain seeks to understand the

What archaeologists do: Between archaeology and media archaeology

Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology by Sara Perry

Archaeologists and antiquarians have been innovators, assemblers, critical interrogators, and remakers of media and media technologies for at least 500 years. Their outputs have been drawn into broader programmes of social theorising about modes of engagement, and they are often pioneers in the application of new media. While there are many people studying and broadcasting about these issues today – including a growing number of excellent blogs that deal directly or indirectly with the topic: see Digital Dirt|Virtual Pasts,Anarchaeologist, Prehistories, Archaeology and Material Culture, All Things Archaeological,Digging Deeper, Reimagining the Past, Rust Belt Anthro, in addition to some of the sites I highlighted in my last post), there still seems to be a conspicuous need to point out that this is not an uninterrogated subject matter.

Doing “Consumer” Anthropology

Join Dr. Ken C. Erickson next Wednesday afternoon for Webinar Wednesday! Registration is required, webinar is free:

KenDoing “Consumer” Anthropology, Warnings and Advice*

10 years and what about the future?

Although it was ten years ago I started this blog and anthropology portal, I am not sure if there is something to celebrate. The website has been more or less dormant for nearly two years now. Despite several attempts to start up blogging again, I failed to keep it going. But now, because of the anniversary, what about starting another attempt?

Life is more or less upside down after I went to Cairo, Egypt, three years ago and got stuck here. It was supposed to be a short trip, but I ended up getting married here. That was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. But I still have to find out how to combine my new life as husband with my previous favorite activities like blogging.


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