Leyla ile Mecnun: Latest victim of anti-Gezi hysteria of Turkish authorities… A social fabric roundup…

State channel TRT cancels comedy series after actors join Gezi protests

The producers of a Turkish comedy series titled ?Leyla ile Mecnun? (Leyla and Mecnun) have said Turkey?s state-run TV channel TRT will cease broadcasting the show after the production?s actors joined the Gezi Park protests.


Yezidi migrants in Germany mull possible Turkey return

A group of Yezidis who had left their villages in Şırnak for Germany decided to return to their hometown


Entrepreneurs move to trademark Gezi slogans

The Turkish Patent Institute has granted patents for the trademark slogans and Twitter hash tags that became popular during the Gezi Park protests

Turkcell launches first domestic smartphone

Mobile operator Turkcell is set to start selling Turkey?s first self-designed smartphone by the end of September, a move that will partially relieve Turkey?s smartphone import dependency

Turkey?s “race codes” and the Ottoman legacy

The revelation that modern Turkey continues secretly to classify its citizens according to religious criteria reflects the weight of the Ottoman past. It also has implications for those in the middle east seeking a state based on equality before law, says Vicken Cheterian.

3 kids not enough, make it 5: Turkey’s social security head

Outdoing the prime minister, the head of the Social Security Institution has recommended that Turkish families have five children

Is the FATİH project doomed to fail?

The readers of this column know that I really am keen on technology to be used in every possible way


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