Web censorship moves from Public to Private authorities; mobile operator Turkcell requested more than 800 Tweets to be censored.

Efe Kerem Sözeri listed the censored Twitter messages here   #SansürCell listesi *güncellendi*@Turkcell'in sansürletmek istediği 733 tweet'in *metni*:https://t.co/26NQH4O8gw pic.twitter.com/8c8Lefi6Jd — efe kerem sözeri 🫶 (@efekerem) April 11, 2016

EU Parliament member @MarietjeSchaake questions: “new legislation censors internet in Turkey – EFD Rights Watch

Parliamentary Question: new legislation censors internet in Turkey marietjeschaake.eu   Turkish Internet bill to ?deepen press freedom crisis,? CPJ says   The press freedom NGO slammed Ankara for voting ‘radical censorship measures’ *************** RedHack hacks ISP TTNET, Vodafone and Turkcell, leaks data of Govt Officials against death of a Gezi protester HackRead ? Pushpa Mishra … Read more

Leyla ile Mecnun: Latest victim of anti-Gezi hysteria of Turkish authorities… A social fabric roundup…

State channel TRT cancels comedy series after actors join Gezi protests The producers of a Turkish comedy series titled ?Leyla ile Mecnun? (Leyla and Mecnun) have said Turkey?s state-run TV channel TRT will cease broadcasting the show after the production?s actors joined the Gezi Park protests.   Yezidi migrants in Germany mull possible Turkey return … Read more

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