Israel helps Ayrılık to increase its ratings?

The photo below has to be included here. From the Turkey-Armenia game. As far as I understood it was an operation by Young Civilians.

In the crisis between Israel and Turkey it should be noted Israel reacted too much to a serial that was not popular at all. I haven’t heard anybody discussing Ayrılık episodes. And as far as I know the serial was not in the top 100 ratings list. Now I hear producers are happy that people will be curious and watch the serial. There had to be a stronger reaction to Valley of the Wolves movie who had a substantive anti-semitic emphasis in some parts. Ayrılık hadonce made it to popular discourse through what Zeynep Tokuş , an actress and former beauty pageant winner was wearing:

Zeynep Tokuş in veil for Ayrılık serial.
Zeynep Tokuş in veil for Ayrılık serial.

A roundup follows:

Ayrılık serial poster
Ayrılık serial poster

Political football

Fans reflect on Turkish-Armenian thaw before match

Politics, not soccer, dominates Bursa match


The Turkish and Armenian national soccer teams played a much-anticipated World Cup qualifying match on Wednesday night in Bursa, which was the second of two matches, the first of which was played last year, thus paving the way for the normalization of ties between the estranged neighbors.

Football eases Turkey and Armenia relations

from – World, Europe
The presidents of the two countries sat together to watch their national teams in a world cup qualifier, a gesture intended to ease a difficult process aimed at restoring diplomatic ties

Kurtlar Vadisi, Part Deux

by Yigal Schleifer

A few years ago it was ?Kurtlar Vadisi,? a television series that read the national mood in Turkey and served up a highly combustible cultural product that catered to that mood and, to a certain extent, help further shape it.

The ongoing ?Kurtlar Vadisi,? which tells the story of Polat Alemdar, a patriotic undercover intelligence officer who infiltrates the mafia but starts operating in the murky zone where the interests of unsavory elements of the state and of organized crime meet, brilliantly tapped into the growing nationalism of the last few years. A 2006 spin-off movie, Turkey’s highest-grossing movie ever, fed on the anti-Americanism of the Bush period, sending the show’s hero to Iraq to do battle with the US military (while also helping bust up a Jewish-run organ harvesting plot).

U.N. Human Rights Council Endorses Report on Gaza War

from Wash Post Europe by Howard Schneider and Colum Lynch

JERUSALEM, Oct. 16 — The U.N. Human Rights Council on Friday endorsed a controversial report on alleged Israeli war crimes in the Gaza Strip, advancing a process that has roiled Palestinian politics and threatens to further derail the Middle East peace process.

Fears grow of Sarkozy initiative to downgrade Turkey?s EU bid

from Brussels Blog by Tony Barber
Even before he was elected as president of France in 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy made it crystal-clear that he didn?t want Turkey to join the European Union – ever.  Now concerns are growing in Brussels that Sarkozy is contemplating a formal Franco-German initiative next year to offer Turkey a ?privileged partnership? instead of, as now, the long-term […]


from CUMINet by daniella
Daniella Kuzmanovic Wednesday, October 14th, it was once again time for the yearly assessment of Turkish efforts to meet the political and economic criteria in relation to the EU membership negotiations ( With regard to the political criteria all the usual critical issues are, as could be expected, mentioned in the report: Minority issues, the Kurdish […]

Interview with Head of USAK, Dr. Sedat Laciner on the Armenian-Turkish Protocol


This interview was conducted by Stacy Maruskin, a researcher at the International Strategic Research Organization (USAK).

After the latest signing of the Armenian-Turkish Protocol, Dr. Sedat Laciner, Head of the International Strategic Research Organization, evaluates the latest developments on the issue.

They are not pipes, EU Progress Report says

Some people, they just don’t get this Ergenekon trial right. It wasn’t without reason that our paper called it “the trial of the century.” Still, even some of my friends think this investigation is being overstated. But, this trial is a matter of life and death for Turkey.

EU shifts towards tailor-made enlargement policy

With EU hopefuls ranging from Iceland to Kosovo and Turkey, the European Commission’s latest enlargement strategy, published yesterday (14 October), appears to step back from previous policies by looking at each applicant according to its own merits.

EU lauds and criticizes Turkey –

MAIN FOCUS: EU submits progress reports on enlargement | 15/10/2009

from euro|topics

The EU Commission released on Wednesday its progress reports for the planned enlargement of the Union. According to the reports the violation of human rights continues to hamper on Turkey‘s accession. Membership talks with Croatia may be concluded in 2010, the reports state, although according to EU Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn the country must still do more to strengthen its judiciary. Accession negotiations with Macedonia are also in the offing.

German parties won’t block Turkey EU bid – sources | World | Reuters

Armenia-Turkey: don?t stop now , Kerem Oktem

from open Democracy News Analysis – by david hayes

“Stop the Protocols” is the headline slogan of one of the many websites that emerged soon after news got round of secret negotiations between Turkey and Armenia. Its explicit aim is to make sure that the cautious rapprochement between the two countries – symbolised by the deal agreed in Zurich on 10 October 2009 – is halted. The website classifies the signing of two protocols that day by Armenia’s president, Serzh Sarkisian, as a sell-out to the Turks and a surrender of the historical fact of the genocide of 1915; and warns that supporting the normalisation process amounts to treason against the Armenian nation.

The future of Turkey-Armenia protocols

from Today’s Zaman by EMRE USLU

The other day I was watching a TV show in which four participants, two liberals and two nationalists, were debating the Turkish-Armenian protocols. The two nationalist intellectuals, one of whom was a professor, were arguing that the Turkish-Armenian protocols were a major failure for Turkish diplomacy.

Iraq: Growing Closer to Turkey

from NYT > Turkey by By REUTERS
Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki of Iraq and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey signed a package of accords on Thursday.

A new role for Turkey

By Stephen Kinzer
REACHING LAST weekend?s diplomatic breakthrough between Turkey and Armenia was not easy. It took six weeks of secret talks in Switzerland, seven last-minute phone calls from Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to the two countries? foreign ministers, and a wild ride in a Zurich police car, lights flashing and siren shrieking, for a Turkish diplomat carrying a revised draft of the accord.”

A rebirth

The Season of Turkey in France is continuing at full speed, attracting a level of attention that surprises some French citizens. Panel discussions on Turkey, exhibitions of Turkish artists’ work and Turkish cinema weeks in Paris and rural parts of France constitute a big deal just on their own.

Two ministers, two different ?European visions?

No one should be surprised if Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan invites Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and Minister for European Union Affairs Egemen Bağış to develop a ?unified discourse? on the EU issue, as there are stark differences in the two ministers? approach to relations.

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