Turkey vs. Israel. Again. Turkey does not back down.

FM Davutoğlu has just stated that TRT is an autonomous institution and they cannot intervene.  But this of course should mean Turkey cannot than be angry at other countries’ governments about anti-Turkish or anti-Islamic stuff.  (Such as in the Danish Cartoon Crisis? )

Latest Crisis roundup:

Netanyahu disappointed in ‘inciting’ Turkish TV – Israel News, Ynetnews

Don?t try this at home! (Turkey?s Gaza criticism panics Israel)

“Don?t try this at home! (Turkey?s Gaza criticism panics Israel)

by Philip Weiss on October 15, 2009 · 10 comments

Look at the panic that Turkey is producing in its ally, Israel, by criticizing the country over Gaza. To its credit, Turkey is livid about Gaza. It has responded to a real event (a massacre) with real action. Turkey is about to air a TV series depicting Israeli soldiers as brutal murderers; and the foreign minister of the Jewish state is angry.”

Israel Protests Turkish TV Series About Palestine

Clips of the television program show soldiers in what appear to be Israeli combat fatigues committing acts of murder and violent repression against Palestinians.

Turkish TV series angers Israel

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
Israel is to summon the Turkish ambassador over a TV programme in Turkey depicting Israeli soldiers shooting children.

Why did relations with Israel break off?


The ?clash of interests? in foreign policy is what caused the break between Ankara and Tel Aviv. Israel wants to strike Iran the same way it recently carried out an air strike on Syria, which is partially under Israeli occupation.

Shift in Turkish military-civilian balance

Turkey’s exclusion of Israel at the last minute from the Anatolian Eagle multinational exercises has angered the US in particular. US Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs Philip Crowley on Tuesday called it inappropriate for any nation to be removed from an exercise like Anatolian Eagle at the last minute.

Turkish foreign policy ? between East and West ?

Policy Brief (European Policy Centre), October 2009

By Amanda Akçakoca

The past decade has seen a fundamental shift in Turkey?s foreign policy: it is now more pro-active, assertive and independent; less focused on traditional hard power and more on a ?diplomacy-first? approach. This Policy Brief by Amanda Akçakoca argues that while Ankara is focusing more its own neighbourhood, its role as a key regional player and upgrading relations with Russia, it is unlikely to adopt an anti-Western foreign policy given the solid ties it has built with NATO, the US and the EU.

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  1. The anger is more about the fact that Turkey is integrating perfectly in the Middle East with Syria and Iran as close allies.(!

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