Elif on TRT: Is something wrong with TRT?

TRT (Turkish Radio Television Establishment) has never been so much criticized before. These days, the first television channel of Turkey which is established by the state faces with this question: ?What?s going on in TRT??

Because TRT is the state channel, it has always been moderate to government?s strategies and can be mentioned as ?speaker of the government?. There isn?t any problem with these.

But these days the broadcasting policy proves that there are some problems with the ?selective perception? of TRT.

First example to that is while Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu was making his first speech as the president of CHP, TRT was showing a youth chorus program.

Secondly, the ?selective perception? of TRT magazine has prepared an article which claims that Kılıçdaroğlu?s grandfather was a bandit while they even didn?t show Kılıçdaroğlu?s first speech as a president.

Besides, an astrologist, Sevda Dorkip makes guesses about the future of AKP and CHP in the magazine. She states both of the political parties will be lucky in the near future and she adds that CHP shouldn?t ?build high hopes?. I think TRT needs to have a successful analyst, not fortunetellers, who can rationally make future analyses.

Moreover, Fifa World Cup can be watched through TRT, so channel sent around 40 people to Africa. So what do people except? People except big amount of exclusive stories not just the matches. But the only exclusive story issued by TRT is the interview with Shakira.

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu

To sum up, it?s obvious that there are some problems, which is managerial or organizational, should be immediately solved.

Reporting includes point of view, selective perceptions, comment but not distortion and manipulation. Isn?t that so?

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