Favorite cafes for coffee and reading in Istanbul… Istanbul news roundup…

 Check out. Text is in Turkish but you could have a sense:  Kahve İçerken Kıraat Da Ettiren, İçinden Kitap Geçen 8 Kafe  ListeList by 1. Minoa Cafe & Bookstore   My personal addition is Erciyes Cafe in Taksim:  *********** Heavy storm in İstanbul cancels 229 domestic and international flights BGN NEWS The Department of Meteorology announces wind … Read more

A literati roundup: “List of Predatory Publishers 2014…

The Tenure System Is Broken  This article originally appeared in Inside Higher Ed. E-Reading Rises as Device Ownership Jumps Three in ten adults read an e-book last year; half own a tablet or e-reader  E-Books Aren’t Going to Make Print Obsolete Anytime Soon For all the talk about print books being replaced by digital books, … Read more

An academicus roundup. A Brief Survey of Victorian Science Fiction, William Gibson on Internet Bohemias, Orhan Pamuk on fiction..

A Brief Survey of Victorian Science Fiction from Wondermark by David Malki ! At Chicon the other week, I moderated a panel on Victorian and Edwardian science fiction. I?ve read some of the classics ? Verne and Wells and so on ? but I was excited to moderate this panel because it meant I could … Read more

Thanks to Facebook 3 degrees of separation now…and cyberculture roundup

Tumblr users give Congress an earful about SOPA by Cory Doctorow Tumblr has rounded up the effects of its participation in American Censorship Day, a global day of protest of the prosed Stop Online Piracy Act, the worst proposed Internet law in American legislative history. Tumblr users did themselves very proud indeed: Joe Biden: SOPA … Read more

Infighting in Anonymous, Teens and privacy… A very loaded cyberculture roundup here…

How Social Media Helps Journalists Break News from Social Media Examiner by Rich Brooks Civic Disobedience and the Arab Spring from …My heart’s in Accra by Ethan I spent the past two days in Cambridge, primarily around MIT, and almost exclusively talking about the ?Arab Spring? and what we?ve learned about social media and protest … Read more

“Cohen, Fanning, Johansen and Frankel: Four horsemen of the information apocalypse

Bram Cohen Justin Frankel Jon Lech Johansen Shawn Fanning Four horsemen of the information apocalypse: Cohen, Fanning, Johansen and Frankel from Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow Time magazine’s Lev Grossman’s got a great profile of four authors of notorious software tools that formed the nexus of the last 12 years of copyright cold-wars: Bram Cohen … Read more

Turks reading, Grup Yorum, Ali Nesin

It is a bit of old news now. In last weeks, a Turkish NGO in cooperation with a local municipality tried to break a world record: Biggest number of people reading together. People gathered in a stadium to do it. They could not break the record. The act itself is a little bit silly and I assume conservative sections of Turkish public attempt to create new sphere of action like this. Still it is better than nothing. It was a nice try:)

Toplu okumada rekor kırılamadı

more photos here. 14 thousand gathered, says Hürriyet.

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