Favorite cafes for coffee and reading in Istanbul… Istanbul news roundup…

 Check out. Text is in Turkish but you could have a sense: 

1. Minoa Cafe & Bookstore

minoa cafe


My personal addition is Erciyes Cafe in Taksim:

Heavy storm in İstanbul cancels 229 domestic and international flights

The Department of Meteorology announces wind speeds up to 100km/hr in a storm set to heavily impact İstanbul as well as the rest of the Marmara ..
How to fight Istanbul rednecks

Here are some small tips for fighting the rednecks of Istanbul. There is no winning; they win all the time. They outnumbered you and me a long time ago… They are everywhere. They have taken the city…

Istanbul is building a 47km monorail network to deal with its crippling traffic congestion

Istanbul has tried to combat its notorious traffic levels with nearly every type of public transport under the sun – buses, metrobuses, suburban and …
A guide to Istanbul’s Beyoğlu district

Istanbul’s historic Beyoğlu district is a bohemian place of old-world charm, cultural riches and inspiring boutiques.

Woman opens fire in Istanbul’s Taksim Square

Turkey’s state-run news agency says a woman opened automatic weapon fire at a police vehicle in Istanbul’s main square, Taksim, before escaping …

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