Favorite cafes for coffee and reading in Istanbul… Istanbul news roundup…

 Check out. Text is in Turkish but you could have a sense: 

1. Minoa Cafe & Bookstore

minoa cafe


My personal addition is Erciyes Cafe in Taksim:

Heavy storm in İstanbul cancels 229 domestic and international flights

The Department of Meteorology announces wind speeds up to 100km/hr in a storm set to heavily impact İstanbul as well as the rest of the Marmara ..
Here are some small tips for fighting the rednecks of Istanbul. There is no winning; they win all the time. They outnumbered you and me a long time ago… They are everywhere. They have taken the city…

Istanbul is building a 47km monorail network to deal with its crippling traffic congestion

Istanbul has tried to combat its notorious traffic levels with nearly every type of public transport under the sun – buses, metrobuses, suburban and …
A guide to Istanbul’s Beyoğlu district

Istanbul’s historic Beyoğlu district is a bohemian place of old-world charm, cultural riches and inspiring boutiques.

Woman opens fire in Istanbul’s Taksim Square

Turkey’s state-run news agency says a woman opened automatic weapon fire at a police vehicle in Istanbul’s main square, Taksim, before escaping …

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