“Cohen, Fanning, Johansen and Frankel: Four horsemen of the information apocalypse

Bram Cohen

Justin Frankel

Jon Lech Johansen

Shawn Fanning

Four horsemen of the information apocalypse: Cohen, Fanning, Johansen and Frankel

from Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow

Time magazine’s Lev Grossman’s got a great profile of four authors of notorious software tools that formed the nexus of the last 12 years of copyright cold-wars: Bram Cohen (BitTorrent), Jon “DVD Jon” Johansen, Justin Frankel (Gnutella) and Shawn Fanning (“Napster”).

EFF on US domain copyright seizures

from Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow

The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Corynne McSherry’s got great commentary on the Department of Homeland Security’s seizure of 82 domain names — this act of quasi-legal confiscation and censorship is not only ineffective at combatting infringement, it also sucks up scarce DHS resources:

Notes on #socialmedia and #activism presentation, UOC, 26 Nov 2010

from media/anthropology by John Postill

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This past Friday 26 November 2010 I gave a seminar  to the research group Mediacciones, Open University of Catalonia, on my ongoing research into social media and activism in Barcelona. Here are some quick notes to accompany the ?Prezi presentation?:

U.S. Government Seizes 82 Websites: A Glimpse at the Draconian Future of Copyright Enforcement?

from EFF.org Updates by corynne

Over the past few days, the U.S. Justice Department, the Department of Homeland Security and nine U.S. Attorneys? Offices seized 82 domain names of websites they claim were engaged in the sale and distribution of counterfeit goods and illegal copyrighted works.

REPORT: Men And Women Use Facebook Differently

from All Facebook by Jackie Cohen
Genders Icon
What people do on Facebook varies by gender, at least among college students and recent graduates, a new study finds.

Cloud Computing ? ICT?s New Frontier

from Public Affairs 2.0 by fhbrussels

Cloud computing is one of the most exciting developments in the IT world. Broadly defined as internet-based on-demand computing, the benefits of cloud computing to businesses and governments are unprecedented. The market value of cloud computing in terms of cost savings, efficiency increase for customers and market gains for cloud service are already worth billions of euro and will only continue to grow.  It is therefore no surprise that the world?s largest ICT and technology companies are allocating significant resources in their cloud capabilities, investing in new and massive data centres, developing new forms of cloud services and establishing new business models.  However, despite the rapid growth of cloud computing, the market remains nascent and there are still numerous technical and regulatory challenges that need to be addressed in Europe before cloud computing can develop into a fully mature market.

Tumblr: Social Media?s New Star?

from Sysomos Blog by Mark Evans

For all the talk about WordPress and Twitter, another social media player attracting more attention within the blogging/microblogging world is Tumblr.

Reading in the Digital Age, or, Reading How We?ve Always Read

from Booksquare by Kassia Krozser

As much as the idea of enhanced ebooks brings the sexy to publishing, it doesn?t really do much for most of the books published. Enhanced, enriched, transmedia, multimedia?these are ideas best applied to those properties that lend themselves to multimedia experience (or, ahem, the associated price tag). While many focus on the bright and shiny (and mostly unfulfilled) promised of apps and enhanced ebooks, the smart kids are looking at the power of social reading.

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