Cyberculture agenda: FriendFeed to be killed by April 9… Open Source Works….Goodbye to Internet Explorer….

Most of web users may be aware of but Friendfeed had a real role in Turkish cybersphere. I have followed many power users there. I have learnt a lot. I wonder where this bunch of power users will migrate. They already have Twitter accounts but I guess it is never the same thing…  Facebook is killing … Read more

Cyberculture roundup: Digg Reader, Pirate Bay Founder Guilty of Hacking, PRISM scandal..

  The making of Digg Reader Writing for Wired, Matt Homan Mat Honan on Betaworks’ race to build a replacement for Google Reader in just 90 days. If you are interested in a 35,000-ft view on how Web-based software is built, read this. Inside Digg’s new RSS Reader It wouldn’t be a sexy subject were … Read more

I haven’t decided the alternative yet but here is more roundup on Google Reader’s demise…

How long should we expect Google Keep to last? from Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow Close of Google Reader: Google’s Dark Side? from Global Voices Online by Sally Seward Last week Google annouced that on July 1 it will close its RSS feed reader service, known as Google Reader. Google Reader, like other feed readers … Read more

Such a disappointing move from Google. Google Reader is to be closed. Search for alternatives begin…

RIP Google Reader from Mashable! by Christina Warren Fan Site Demands Google Reader Be Brought Back from Mashable! by Anita Li Check Out These Google Reader Alternatives from Mashable! by Christina Warren Hey Google, We Still Love Reader from Mashable! by Chris Taylor Quick Thoughts on Google Reader and Social Networks by Kevin Bondelli With … Read more

Thanks to Facebook 3 degrees of separation now…and cyberculture roundup

Tumblr users give Congress an earful about SOPA by Cory Doctorow Tumblr has rounded up the effects of its participation in American Censorship Day, a global day of protest of the prosed Stop Online Piracy Act, the worst proposed Internet law in American legislative history. Tumblr users did themselves very proud indeed: Joe Biden: SOPA … Read more