by the way, “Obama Starts Using His Twitter for 2012 Campaign

President Barack Obama Starts Using His Twitter for 2012 Campaign from Bloggers Blog: Blogging the Blogsphere America?s presidential politics, Godfrey Hodgson from open Democracy News Analysis – by Godfrey Hodgson Barack Obama?s hopes of a second term are still bright. But twin policy crises and Republican stirrings are clouds on his re-election horizon, says Godfrey … Read more

Infighting in Anonymous, Teens and privacy… A very loaded cyberculture roundup here…

How Social Media Helps Journalists Break News from Social Media Examiner by Rich Brooks Civic Disobedience and the Arab Spring from …My heart’s in Accra by Ethan I spent the past two days in Cambridge, primarily around MIT, and almost exclusively talking about the ?Arab Spring? and what we?ve learned about social media and protest … Read more