Anthropologists on full attack: “The Digital” as major theme at #AAA2014

“The Digital” as major theme at #AAA2014 Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology — A Group Blog by Matt Thompson As I settled in to browse the conference program for the 2014 annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association (just hours before I was scheduled to leave, natch), I was immediately struck by a common … Read more

Anthropology roundup: “Game of Thrones and Anthropology….

  Game of Thrones and Anthropology Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology Sometimes people worry that anthropology’s central preoccupations won’t resonate with the wider public. But just one look at Game of Thrones proves that’s not true. Prominent Anthropologist Welcomes Football Team Name Trademark Cancellation American Anthropological Association In a move that was hailed … Read more

Anthro roundup: Labor unrest on Everest…Searching for a Career in Anthropology… AAA?s new ?open access? ?journal? disappointing…

  Labor unrest on Everest is older than you might think from FP Passport by Marya Hannun The thin air and vertiginous slopes that exist at 20,000-plus feet above sea level on Mount Everest may not make for the ideal battleground — but they certainly make for a captivating one. So on April 27, when … Read more

E-seminar on Friedrich Kittler continues at Media Anthropology Network..and an anthro roundup…

Media Anthropology Network Free e-seminar on Friedrich Kittler, 28 Feb-13 March 2012 from media/anthropology by John Postill The EASA Media Anthropology Network is well known for its electronic seminars which run on our mailing list for a period of two weeks. These are moderated sessions that unfold around a working paper presented by a Network … Read more

Anthropologists talk about ” REVOLUTION AND COUNTER-REVOLUTION IN EGYPT “; Open Access debates continue… an anthropology roundup

HOT SPOTS: REVOLUTION AND COUNTER-REVOLUTION IN EGYPT Submitted by Cultural Anthro… on Tue, 2012-01-31 11:54 Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Egypt a Year after January 25th Guest Editors: Julia Elyachar (University of California, Irvine) and Jessica Winegar (Northwestern University) On January 25, 2011, Egyptians from all social backgrounds marched to public squares across Egypt and began an 18 day revolution … Read more

Penn Museum launches Online Archaeology and Anthropology Collections Database- and an antro roundup

Launch of Online Archaeology and Anthropology Collections Database from American Anthropological Association by Joslyn O. As the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (Penn Museum) begins its 125th anniversary, it launches the Penn Museum online Collections Database via According to Penn News New Search Features on AAA Website from American Anthropological Association … Read more

a list of digital anthropology projects and platforms and an anthropology roundup…

Digital Anthropology: Projects and Platforms By daniel.lende Last Sunday in Montreal, I was part of the panel Digital Anthropology: Projects and Projections organized by Mike and Kim Fortun from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The Projects The projects are listed in the order of their presentation at the American Anthropological Association meeting: Jason Jackson (Indiana), Open Folklore … Read more

Ryan Anderson interviews Jason Baird Jackson on anthropology and open access…and an anthropology roundup….

Anthropology & Open Access: An Interview with Jason Baird Jackson (Part 1 of 3) from Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology ? A Group Blog by Ryan During the last few weeks I had the chance to conduct an email based interview with Jason Baird Jackson about Open Access (OA), academic publishing, and anthropology? … Read more

AAA revising code of ethics and want feedback from anthropologists… “Anthropologists and stereotypes about Libya and Japan

Anthropology and Ethics ? AAA Wants Feedback! from Neuroanthropology by daniel.lende In a welcome development, the American Anthropological Association?s Task Force for Comprehensive Ethics Review is posting drafts online of proposed revisions to the AAA?s code of ethics. And they want your feedback! Anthropologists and stereotypes about Libya and Japan from – anthropology in … Read more

AAA response to attacks on Prof. Frances Fox Piven/ 10 Perplexing Archaeological Discoveries

A Response to the Recent Attacks on Professor Frances Fox Piven from American Anthropological Association by Joslyn O. AAA was one of 23 academic organizations that released a joint statement of response to the recent attacks on Professor Frances Fox Piven, renown professor of the University of New York Graduate Center. The statement condemns Glenn Beck, radio and television personality, … Read more

American Anthropological Association releases STATEMENT OF SUPPORT FOR EGYPT. Roundup on the Egyptian uprising continues.

Special Edition Post ? AAA Signs Statement of Support of Egypt from American Anthropological Association by Joslyn O. In conjunction with the Archaeological Institute of America, AAA signs Statement of Support for Egypt. This statement shares its concern for the Egyptian people and the loss of cultural heritage that Egypt has sustained and the threat … Read more

an Anthro roundup: Science-anti science fight continues; at 1,000,000… at 1,000,000 from Neuroanthropology by dlende just broke through the 1,000,000 visits mark! We?ve done that in three years. Our very post came in December 2007. Even though Greg and I have moved over to Neuroanthropology PLoS, this site has continued to generate impressive traffic since September 1st. Here are some of the … Read more

Anthro roundup: AAA Long Range Plan debate continues…

Human genetic variation: the first 50 dimensions from Dienekes’ Anthropology Blog by Dienekes Here is a huge data dump for anyone interested in human variation. Part of the reason I started the Dodecad Project was to be able to analyze data on my own, rather than having to squint to make sense of a plot, … Read more

AAA drops science from mission statement

From an email discussion: at the Executive Board (EB) meeting of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) this past weekend.  The EB adopted a new Long-Range Plan (LRP) that includes a significant changes to the AAA mission statement?it removes all mention of science: Mission Statement in the new LRP (additions underlined; deletions in strikethrough) Section 1. … Read more

Anthro roundup: Video games as applied anthropology/ Hidden treasures in open anthropology repositories…

Video games as applied anthropology from ICCI Home Pursuing its ambitious development, the ICCI blog has decided now to open a “video games” section. And today, we are discussing the release of Civilization V, the last sequel of one of the most famous series in the history of video games. New overview: Discover hidden treasures … Read more