Journalism agenda: Turkey practically shut down all Kurdish media with the latest state of emergency decree…

Turkish government shuts down 15 media outlets — P24 (@P24Punto24) October 29, 2016 The rest of the Kurdish media in Turkey closed down by decree on top of days of no internet in the Southeast. — Emma Sinclair-Webb (@esinclairwebb) October 29, 2016 The team set out to build a ‘truly integrated narrative’ and … Read more

Twitter’s new Transparency Report: Turkey is unashamedly the worst offender… -Cyberculture agenda

A NEWS FROM CENSORED WEBSITE [DAĞ MEDYA] : Twitter Transparency Report: 408 of 442 Content Removal Request Comes from Turkey Bianet :: English According to the same report, 408 content removal requests by court decision came from Turkey in the first six months of 2015; 125 twitter accounts were suspended, 1667 tweets were removed. Twitter increases scope … Read more

Journalism agenda: “London attacks changed the news: The value of the witness

The value of the witness: How the London attacks changed the news  Mashable! by Colin Daileda The night after the deadliest peace-time attack on London, the BBC led its 6 p.m. newscast with a shaky video of screaming commuters, an ambulance siren howling in the background Twitter’s new article preview cards could be a boost for publishers … Read more