#Cyberculture agenda: “Don’t Let WikiLeaks Scare You Off of Signal and Other Encrypted Chat Apps

Don’t Let WikiLeaks Scare You Off of Signal and Other Encrypted Chat Apps  Wired Top Stories by Brian Barrett Despite some initial confusion, the CIA hasn’t undermined Signal and other important end-to-end encrypted apps. The CIA Didn’t Break Signal or WhatsApp, Despite What You’ve Heard The Intercept by Sam Biddle There’s been one particularly misleading claim repeated … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: “Digital Defenders” for kids about privacy and crypto… Israel and Survellance Industry…

Digital Defenders: a free open-licensed booklet for kids about privacy and crypto Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow European Digital Rights has created a free, CC-licensed kids’ booklet about privacy called Digital Defenders. How Israel Became a Hub for Surveillance Technology  The Intercept by Sharon Weinberger In 1948, the year Israel was founded, the Mer Group was established … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: “Turkey Submits Highest Volume of Removal Requests to Twitter…”The Growing Problem of Bots That Fight Online…

TWITTER TRANSPARENCY REPORT: Turkey Submits Highest Volume of Removal Requests to Twitter  Bianet :: English Turkey has been listed as the country with the greatest number of removal requests in Twitter’s first biannual Transparency Report of 2016. The Growing Problem of Bots That Fight Online  MIT Technology Review The way software agents interact on the Web is … Read more

In case you missed in Cyberculture agenda: A UN body ruled Julian Assange’s 3.5 Year Detainment in Embassy Unlawful… “Pirate Bay Transforms into The World’s Biggest Streaming Site…

Julian Assange’s 3.5 Year Detainment in Embassy Ruled Unlawful Wired Top Stories by Kim Zetter A UN body has determined that UK and Swedish authorities have unlawfully detained the WikiLeaks founder in the Ecuadorean embassy, where he has been living in asylum since 2012 to avoid arrest. Julian Assange ‘arbitrarily held’  BBC News | Europe | World … Read more

Against Erdoğan’s blackmailing: “PYD not a terrorist organization, US repeats…

PYD not a terrorist organization, US repeats The United States has reiterated that it does not perceive the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) as a terrorist organization, while adding that it understands ally Turkey’s concerns regarding the organization Erdogan: US must choose between Turkey and Kurdish forces  EurActiv.com Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has denounced a … Read more

Twitter’s new Transparency Report: Turkey is unashamedly the worst offender… -Cyberculture agenda

A NEWS FROM CENSORED WEBSITE [DAĞ MEDYA] : Twitter Transparency Report: 408 of 442 Content Removal Request Comes from Turkey Bianet :: English According to the same report, 408 content removal requests by court decision came from Turkey in the first six months of 2015; 125 twitter accounts were suspended, 1667 tweets were removed. Twitter increases scope … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: WikiLeaks has started accepting secret documents at Tor address: wlupld3ptjvsgwqw.onion

WikiLeaks has started accepting secret documents again after nearly five years  The Next Web by Jackie Dove You can once again submit secrets to WikiLeaks anonymously, without worrying that some network spy — or even a WikiLeaks staffer — will reveal your identity. The site announced today that, after several years, it has now launched a beta version its … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: “Games Grow in Traffic and Revenue in 2014..”How the World’s Famous Tech Companies Fared in 2014

Pirate Bay Responds to Cloudflare and Moderation Concerns  TorrentFreak   On Saturday The Pirate Bay made its long-awaited comeback. While most users were happy to see the site back online, others were suspicious about the new setup.   Report: Games Grow in Traffic and Revenue in 2014  All Facebook by Brandy Shaul     The Silk Road Trial … Read more

Cyberculture agenda: @zeynep piece on Net Neutrality, Algorithmic Filtering and Ferguson…

 Here is Zeynep Tüfekçi’s piece. *********************** Pop-Up Ad Inventor Apologizes for Creating a ‘Fiasco’  Mashable! by The Atlantic Ron Carlson’s short story “What We Wanted To Do,” takes the form of an apology from a villager who failed to protect his comrades from marauding Visigoths. It begins: Net Neutrality, Algorithmic Filtering and Ferguson  Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin   A prison visit with The … Read more

Technology, Not Law, Limits Mass Surveillance… Snowden in search of asylum.. Cyberculture roundup..

  Snowden claims to be ?unbowed,? ?free and able? to continue publishing NSA secrets In a letter sent to Ecuador, Edward Snowden claimed that he is able to continue his whistleblowing activities unabated, despite his current legal and physical limbo. Technology, Not Law, Limits Mass Surveillance Improved technology enabled the NSA?s mass surveillance programs. Future improvements will … Read more

A new turn in the PRISM scandal. US bugged EU offices & networks in DC…a Cyberculture roundup…

NSA leaks: US bugged EU offices & networks in DC An article in Der Speigel expands on the descriptions we’ve had of the Snowden/NSA leaks, and claims that the US planted bugs in the EU’s Washington offices and took over their internal computer network, intercepting its traffic.     Fresh intelligence row over US ‘bugging’ … Read more

Snowden’s destination mystery continues…

  Snowden’s passport revoked A “US Government official” has told the Associated Press‘s Matthew V. Lee that the State Department has revoked NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s passport. Snowden’s Destination Ranks 119th in Global Press Freedom Edward Snowden’s exact status is unclear, but his final destination is believed to be Ecuador.   Where in the World … Read more

Cyberculture roundup: Snowden on the run…

Snowden seeks asylum in Ecuador Ecuador’s foreign ministry has confirmed that Edward Snowden has officially applied for asylum in Ecuador. He left Hong Kong this morning, landed in Moscow, and is said to be heading for Cuba next. MAIN FOCUS: Informer Snowden on the run | 24/06/2013 Edward Snowden, the whistleblower wanted by the US, … Read more

Asylum granted to Assange, More blows to copyright trolls… A cyberculture roundup

Asylum Granted by Ecuador to Julian Assange … Civil rights implications of Big Data by Cory Doctorow An excellent editorial by Alistair Croll on the civil rights implications of Big Data contains a number of points I hadn’t considered before, as well as great analysis of the way that the Big Data situation arrived: France’s … Read more