Journalism agenda: “London attacks changed the news: The value of the witness

The value of the witness: How the London attacks changed the news  Mashable! by Colin Daileda The night after the deadliest peace-time attack on London, the BBC led its 6 p.m. newscast with a shaky video of screaming commuters, an ambulance siren howling in the background Twitter’s new article preview cards could be a boost for publishers … Read more

Government’s “porn filter” also filters Darwin sites…

Darwin Sites Banned – Survival of the Fittest? The children profile of the internet filtering system enforced on 22 November banned access to all web sites related to the theory of evolution and to naturalist Charles Darwin. Mmm… hot hot Darwin porn, as banned by the Turkish government Darwin censored by the Turkish government’s porn … Read more

hmmm, Universiade organizers think Turks don’t need condoms?

according to a Hürriyet news: Turks don’t need condoms, Universiade organizers say from Hurriyet Dailynews Authorities removed condoms from Turkish athletes? rooms at the Winter Universiade Games Village on the grounds that they do ‘not belong to Turkish culture.’ and a social fabric roundup: Nearly 4 million Turkish women illiterate, report says from Hurriyet Dailynews … Read more

Twitter hashtag #AAA09 for AAA meetings…

Twitterers can use hashtag #AAA09

Blogging or Tweeting the AAA Annual Meeting?

from American Anthropological Association by Brian

If you plan on blogging or tweeting the upcoming AAA annual meeting in Philadelphia, please email Brian Estes (bestes AT aaanet DOT org) with your name (optional) and a link to your site or twitter feed. In the interest of providing the most comprehensive meeting coverage possible?particularly for those who are unable to attend?we would be happy to link to your content, including session write-ups, event photos and more.Twitterers can use hashtag #AAA09 when posting meeting related content.

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