#Cyberculture – Top 5 Threats to Transparency (by EFF)

Top 5 Threats to Transparency: 2016 in Review  EFF.org Updates by Shahid Buttar As we approach the end of 2016, it’s disturbing to note the wide variety of ways in which government transparency has languished—even under an administration rhetorically committed to it. With the next administration poised to even further extend executive secrecy, it becomes ever … Read more

Twitter’s new Transparency Report: Turkey is unashamedly the worst offender… -Cyberculture agenda

A NEWS FROM CENSORED WEBSITE [DAĞ MEDYA] : Twitter Transparency Report: 408 of 442 Content Removal Request Comes from Turkey Bianet :: English According to the same report, 408 content removal requests by court decision came from Turkey in the first six months of 2015; 125 twitter accounts were suspended, 1667 tweets were removed. Twitter increases scope … Read more

Mehmet Sinan Egemen (@msegemen): Şeffaflık İçin Teknoloji. Dünyadan Örnekler

Yıllarca çalıştık, didindik, vergi verdik de, ne oldu bu vergilere? Nereye harcandı? Bizim mahallenin kaldırımları neden hala güdük? Belediyeye başvuru bile yaptık. Muhtarla konuştuk, mahallede imza topladık, ne oldu bu başvuruya? Alt komşumun görme engelli babası bu sokaklarda nasıl yolunu bulacak? Niye her yağmur yağdığında bizim kanalizasyon taşıyor? Yirmi birinci yüzyılda hala derdimiz kanalizasyon mu … Read more

Cyberculture roundup: Amazon buys my fav. Goodreads, Google’s patent move, “It?s Not Slacktivism if it Changes Culture”, Attack on Spamhaus…

Amazon’s Plan to Own Writing and Reading Advances With Goodreads Buy from Wired Top Stories by Marcus Wohlsen Amazon looked back to its roots in bookselling and forward to its future as the global overlord of all human literary output by announcing its plan today to purchase social reading site GoodReads. Amazon acquires social book … Read more

Wikileaks vs. the Guardian. A cyberculture roundup

Guardian denies responsibility for unredacted cables from Boing Boing by Rob Beschizza The Guardian released a statement today assailing Wikileaks’ accusation that one of its reporters published the password to an unredacted set of leaked U.S. diplomatic cables. The newspaper admits publishing the password, but says it was assured that the files encrypted with it … Read more

Cyberculture roundup: Youth and their online reputation; Privacy issues; Transparency etc..

Pew Research confirms that youth care about their reputation from apophenia by zephoria In today?s discussions about privacy, ?youth don?t care about privacy? is an irritating but popular myth. Embedded in this rhetoric is the belief that youth are reckless risk-takers who don?t care about the consequences of their actions. This couldn?t be further from … Read more

Cyberculture roundup: “Traditional media’s adoption of social media”; What to do with Facebook privacy and more…

Traditional media’s adoption of social media from kottke.org by Aaron Cohen Think about the following platforms and when the first traditional media activity/participation occurred in that platform’s history: Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, Chatroulette. It was a shorter and shorter period for each platform.* Let’s call this the adoption half-life. It’s a bastardization of … Read more

Cyber roundup: Facebook in trouble in Pakistan, Google introduces its TV etc..

Announcing Google TV: TV meets web. Web meets TV.

from The Official Google Blog by A Googler

If there?s one entertainment device that people know and love, it?s the television. In fact, 4 billion people across the world watch TV and the average American spends five hours per day in front of one*. Recently, however, an increasing amount of our entertainment experience is coming from our phones and computers. One reason is that these devices have something that the TV lacks: the web. With the web, finding and accessing interesting content is fast and often as easy as a search. But the web still lacks many of the great features and the high-quality viewing experience that the TV offers.

Google TV

from Google Blogoscoped by Philipp Lenssen

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"Who will be EU president?… Gender balanced Commission and more from the EU…

Who will be EU president?

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
Europe correspondent Jonny Dymond profiles the runners and riders for the EU president

Leaders set to pick EU president

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
European Union leaders will gather in Brussels later to select their first full-time president and foreign affairs chief.

Ideas on Europe: Britain & the EU Presidency: Idealism versus Effectiveness

David Miliband is out, but Tony Blair is still in with a shout. Those whom shriek with horror at the thought of a Blair presidency, but also want a stronger more coherent EU might want to consider the potential contradictions in their respective posi.


What’s in an EU anthem?

from FP Passport by Mardy Shualy

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