Journalism agenda: Turkey practically shut down all Kurdish media with the latest state of emergency decree…

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The team set out to build a ‘truly integrated narrative’ and a multimedia story that works on mobile
Not feeling confident enough to build a bot from scratch? These tools can do some of the hard work for you
The German broadcaster hopes the tool, called Fader, will allow journalists with no VR production experience to tell stories in this format

Journalism in times of crisis

Rebecca Abecassis argues that in times of crisis, journalists need to be clearer in their work and go beyond simply reporting the news. Interview. EspañolPortuguês

A European Union flag in front of Big Ben. Daniel Leal-Olivas PA Wire/PA Images. All rights reserved

This year’s #DWORD2 conference looked at how the media industry can encourage more people of Black, Asian and minority ethnic origin to cover sports can help journalists collaborating on a project or investigation to collect, organise and discuss their research in one place

What should the experience of a magazine be when it’s moved online?

As the subscription-based Harvard Business Review drops from 10 print issues a year to six in 2017, it’s looking for those new formats through six new online series, each of which will be a multi-day, multimedia package organized around a single concept. The metaphor of the print magazine is useful for understanding the editorial structure of these series, which HBR is calling “The Big Idea.”

“I don’t think I would pay for it just because there’s so much availability of news on the internet for free that I feel like, if I have to pay for something somewhere, I’ll just look for it free somewhere else,” said one college student interviewed for an American Press Institute study released last year about American millennials’ attitudes towards paying for news.

Involve the audience in the process and work with a diverse team on VR projects, advises Catherine Allen, freelance VR producer for the BBC

Snapchat is planning to switch up the payment terms of its Discover section, Recode reports — but that might not be a bad thing if it provides publishers with a little more certainty about their revenue from the platform.

From Recode:

The tool aims to speed up the process of using transcriptions to produce and edit videos, and to make it easier to add captions
Check out this guide to making the most of the blogging platform

Hope isn’t lost for media organizations trying to get readers to stop blocking their ads. Maybe all they have to do is ask.

In July, The Financial Times ran a 30-day experiment to see what it would take to get people to whitelist the site in their adblocking software. Fifteen thousand of its registered users were split into three groups, each of which had access restricted in different ways. One group, for example, was presented with FT stories that had some of their words removed, a metaphor for the share of revenue that comes from advertising. Other readers weren’t able to access the site at all unless they opted in to ads. Readers were also given a message: “We understand your decision to use an ad blocker. However, FT journalism takes time and funding…”

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