Twitter’s new Transparency Report: Turkey is unashamedly the worst offender… -Cyberculture agenda

According to the same report, 408 content removal requests by court decision came from Turkey in the first six months of 2015; 125 twitter accounts were suspended, 1667 tweets were removed.
Twitter is getting more serious about its biannual transparency reports. The company today announced it’s expanding its reports’ scope with two new sections: trademark notices and the email privacy practices of several providers. It’s also rolling out a redesign for its transparency hub, making it a bit easier on the eyes on mobile and simplifying access to reports for individual countries. As for the most recent report itself, there are no huge surprises.

Governments want your data now more than ever

Julian Assange, known primarily for releasing a huge cache of politically sensitive information back in 2010, has been holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy for nearly five years for fear of being extradited to the US. During that same period, Assange has also been subject to claims of four sexual offences from women in Sweden. Under the country’s laws the allegations will expire within a week, meaning he’s about to be cleared of three of the four allegations, according to The Times. However, the final claim – one of rape – is not set to expire for another five years, so if it’s upheld, Assange…
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For years, Google’s unofficial motto – “Don’t be evil.” – has been picked at like a scab that will never heal. I don’t believe Google or the new expansive Alphabet umbrella company are places where ‘evil’ people gather, but even collections of relatively good people can end up producing very bad things. Here’s the alternative alphabet that covers that… Warning: Contains satire. A is for AI Artificial Intelligence (AI) could solve humanity’s problems. AI research could lead to wonderful things. It could also lead to our ultimate annihilation. Google had its metal fingers in a huge number of AI projects,…
Old people say “LOL” on Facebook

hifellowkidsTo appear young, use Emoji. We already knew that haha and hehe are indicators of age, but according to Facebook, lol is oldest of them all, spoken mostly by the truly decrepit: people over 25.
Google Announces It’s All Grown-Up With Alphabet’s New Logo

Google Announces It’s All Grown-Up With Alphabet’s New Logo

Alphabet’s visual identity plays a vital role helping people understand the differences between the two companies.

Hossein Moiin: Rise of the Machines Intelligence

We might be years away from the debut of emotional robots and a self-driving car in every garage, but AI-driven behavior by machines is already enabling profound changes across industries. And in telecom, AI is gaining traction in ways that are invisible to consumers, but that have big implications for enterprise. Nokia, the Finland-based technology […]

Sundar Pichai Just Inherited the Most High-Pressure Job at Alphabet

As CEO of the new Google, Sundar Pichai must create the equivalent of a new Whole Foods every year.

Supercut of 80s movies’ computer hacking

A phone slams into an acoustic coupler on the desk. Screeching beeping sounds. Two people sitting side-by-side in front of a computer. One is a socially awkward nerd. The other is cooler, but dumber.

The nerd types something really fast on the keyboard. A rotating Necker cube appears on the green monochrome monitor. SECTOR-INFILTRATE SEQUENCE INITIATED. We see rapidly scrolling strings of hexadecimals reflected in the nerd’s wireframe glasses.


“YES! We’re in.”

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