The way PM Davutoğlu likes kids.

These two photos taken at the announcement of ISIL kept hostages freed…. Captive Turkish diplomat resisted ISIL with gun to his head ‘Our consul general faced great difficulty. Two or three times, [the ISIL militants] tried to force him to make a statement by putting a gun to his head. Despite being at gunpoint, he didn’t … Read more

Erdoğan slams credit agencies, Turkey’s Culture Minister slams Wikipedia, Euro court criticizes Turkey to amend religious courses.. Life goes on…

Euro court calls on Turkey to amend religious courses The Turkish education system is still inadequately equipped to ensure respect for parents’ religious convictions, Euro court says Turkey’s Erdogan warns Moody’s and Fitch over assessments – reports ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has accused rating agencies Moody’s Investors Service and Fitch Ratings of political motives … Read more

Fethullah Gülen ad in US papers condemns ISIS while Erdoğan slams New York Times over ISIL story…

Gulen Ad | ISIS Cruelty Deserves Our Strongest Condemnation  Mavi Boncuk Mavi Boncuk | ISIS Cruelty Deserves Our Strongest Condemnation Turkish President Erdoğan slams New York Times over ISIL story President Erdoğan has slammed the New York Times for a recent story claiming that Turkey is one of the biggest sources of recruits for ISIL militants   Erdoğan holds … Read more

No Surprise here: “Turkey to welcome seven top Muslim Brotherhood members, Erdoğan says.

Turkey to welcome seven top Muslim Brotherhood members: Erdoğan Seven top figures from the Muslim Brotherhood who are being forced to leave Qatar are welcome to come to Turkey, according to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan ISIL drawing a steady stream of recruits from Turkey: Report Hurriyet Daily News Turkey is one of the biggest source of recruits … Read more

Pentagon claims Turkey will contribute while a WSJ piece declares Turkey non-Ally…

Turkey will contribute in action against ISIL, Pentagon says Turkey will make contributions to military efforts against the ISIL militants, as it is a NATO member and has geographical advantages, Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby says.   Our Non-Ally in Ankara Wall Street Journal–15 hours agoShare Since then Britain has categorically ruled out military strikes in Syria, … Read more

Deputy PM warns AKP’s Twitter trolls; CHP dissidents alert; Nothing much heard about MHP

  Deputy PM warns AKP rookies to ‘calm down’ Turkish deputy Prime Minister Arınç urges younger members of the ruling party AKP to ‘calm down’ after a row within the party over who will lead it after Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s term Davutoğlu aide appointed as PM’s chief advisor An adviser to FM Davutoğlu has been appointed as … Read more

Mess in Mosul, at least 32 Turkish drivers taken hostage by ISIS

YouTube ban reported to be lifted but DNS hijacking probably continues. While Erdoğan says no respect for the Constitutional Court?s Twitter ruling..

#Hijacking of public #DNS servers in #Turkey, through #routing – Blog Stéphane Bortzmeyer   Turkish court lifts YouTube ban Hurriyet Daily News A local court lifted a ban on the popular video-sharing website YouTube on April 4 We have to implement it, but we don’t have to respect it,? Turkish PM says on Twitter ruling Hurriyet … Read more

When failed foreign policy maker Davutoğlu makes political statements: “Graft probe targets Turkey?s self-confidence

Graft probe targets Turkey?s self-confidence: FM Davutoğlu Some try to ‘create a perception that the entire gov’t is embroiled in corruption,’ the FM says A FP roundup: EU says events in Turkey ’cause of concern’   The EU executive expressed concern about developments in Turkey where the government is embroiled in a massive graft scandal … Read more

Oh boy. the EU Minister softly threatens the EU: “Turkey needs to be ?encouraged? to reopen Halki Seminary

Turkey needs to be ?encouraged? to reopen Halki Seminary: EU Minister EU Minister Egemen Bağış has said Turkey needs to be ?encouraged? to reopen the Greek Orthodox Halki Seminary in Istanbul *********************  Turkey may face ?tough? EU report The upcoming annual Progress Report from the European Union for Turkey is expected to be the ?toughest? yet … Read more

Syria updates. “the Jihadi Group That’s Declared War on Syria’s Moderate Rebels….

Meet the Jihadi Group That’s Declared War on Syria’s Moderate Rebels BEIRUT, Lebanon — Just a few months ago, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) didn’t officially exist. Now, the al Qaeda affiliate known colloquially as al-Dawla — simply “the state” — has emerged as a clear and present danger to Syria’s mainstream … Read more