When failed foreign policy maker Davutoğlu makes political statements: “Graft probe targets Turkey?s self-confidence

Graft probe targets Turkey?s self-confidence: FM Davutoğlu

Some try to ‘create a perception that the entire gov’t is embroiled in corruption,’ the FM says

A FP roundup:

EU says events in Turkey ’cause of concern’


The EU executive expressed concern about developments in Turkey where the government is embroiled in a massive graft scandal


Nuclear deal with Turkey stirs concerns in Japan


The nuclear agreement signed by the two nations in May allows Turkey to enrich uranium and extract plutonium, potentially creating nuclear material for weapons, a report said


Turkey in intense diplomacy over al-Qaeda threat in Iraq


Turkey is holding talks with Iraq and Iran over the mounting threat from al-Qaeda-linked groups, particularly in the Anbar region of Iraq, Foreign Ministry sources told HDN


Al-Qaeda group vows to attack Syrian rebels, opposition leaders


The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levanthas vowed to crush rebel groups fighting it and to target members loyal to the Syrian National Coalition

Turkey reshuffles envoys in Washington, London and Paris


A major reshuffle of Turkey?s most important diplomatic posts has taken effect with two former ambassadors to Japan being posted as Turkey?s envoys to the US and the

Syria peace meet must seek future without al-Assad: PM Erdoğan

The Turkish prime minister says it is crucial to make sure that Geneva 2 does not fail

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