The way PM Davutoğlu likes kids.

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These two photos taken at the announcement of ISIL kept hostages freed….
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Doğan Haber Ajansı ‏@dhainternet 1 DHA’nın usta foto muhabiri @Umit_Kozan’ın objektifine takılan bu kare, günün en çok paylaşılan fotoğrafı oldu 
‘Our consul general faced great difficulty. Two or three times, [the ISIL militants] tried to force him to make a statement by putting a gun to his head. Despite being at gunpoint, he didn’t do anything they wanted,’ one freed hostage has said
Sources have started providing answers regarding the hostage release situation
‘I was working for the consulate for eight years. Now I am retired. I’ll never go back to Iraq,’ Fatma Köksal, who had worked as a cook, told the Hürriyet Daily News after she was freed from the clutches of the ISIL
More Syrian Kurds fleeing advancing ISIL militants have poured across the border into Turkey

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