Babacan now chastised by Ağaoğlu…. US Department of State gives support to Çarşı fan group…

Business tycoon Ağaoğlu slams Turkish deputy PM’s vow to shift focus from construction Ali Ağaoğlu, a construction mogul known for his close ties with the government, has denounced Ali Babacan’s pledge to shift the focus to developing industry, rather than construction ‘You Will Do Anything for Ratings’: More Outrage over the Wife Killer ‘Star’ of Turkish Daytime … Read more

Deputy PM warns AKP’s Twitter trolls; CHP dissidents alert; Nothing much heard about MHP

  Deputy PM warns AKP rookies to ‘calm down’ Turkish deputy Prime Minister Arınç urges younger members of the ruling party AKP to ‘calm down’ after a row within the party over who will lead it after Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s term Davutoğlu aide appointed as PM’s chief advisor An adviser to FM Davutoğlu has been appointed as … Read more

Today’s Turkish judiciary drama: Kenan Evren sentenced, Balyoz Trial for re-trial, Yusuf Yerkel saved…

  Former Turkish president Evren sentenced to life for staging 1980 coup Reuters UK Hundreds of other officers have been jailed after investigations known as “Ergenekon” and “Sledgehammer”. The army has also been excluded from state bodies that had exerted influence on politics, especially after the 1980 coup. Throughout the trial Top Turkish court rules that … Read more

Pro-gov’t papers close to anti-Semitism in their Freedom House critique… Turkey?s Council of State cancels Taksim pedestrianization project

Freedom House says Turkish papers resorted to anti-Semitism Today’s Zaman They include the government’s recent releases of journalists in the Ergenekon and KCK cases, regressive changes to Turkey’s Internet law 5651, the blocking of Twitter and YouTube, and the law increasing intelligence,” the statement said, adding that . Turkey?s Council of State cancels Taksim pedestrianization project … Read more

Many Ergenekon suspects released… Attacks on HDP entities… Gov’t to move online alcohol ad bans…

Ergenekon suspects released amid chaos over legal authority between courts Several Ergenekon suspects have been released by separate courts at the same time that the former specially authorized court which dealt with the case ruled on the continuation of their imprisonment Election security does not exist for HDP, party says Attacks against the HDP in the run-up … Read more

Erdoğan’s fight with Gülen movements starts the disintegration of Ergenekon Case. İlker Başbuğ, former chief of staff, released this evening…

In his personalized fight against Gülen movement, Erdoğan seems to be looking for help from Kemalists and for military elites, as the special courts to overview the so-called Ergenekon trial closed, one of the earliest to be free is İlker Başbuğ, former chief of staff… Turkey?s former Chief of Staff İlker Başbuğ to be released … Read more

Police Brutality today from Ankara to İstanbul… #DirenAnkara

Today in Istanbul, Turkish police intervened environmentalist demonstrators that protested dam-building projects in Black Sea region. The photo below shows nothing changed since Gezi Park protests. The upper side is from Gezi Park and the lower side from today’s protest…   Police use tear gas against hydro plant demo as minister expresses dismay at protesters   … Read more

An animation: “Made in Turkey”

  and Rights Watch news: Court turns down indictment on Gezi Park   An Istanbul court tells prosecutors to fill in massive gaps in an indictment against Taksim Soldidarity, the main organizer of Gezi protesters Turkish deputy PM calls for selective releases in Ergenekon, as formulas debated Hurriyet Daily News 10, Erdoğan told reporters there were … Read more

Justice a la Turca: Ergenekon judge admits accepting indictment w/out properly reading; Censorship demand on main opposition lawmaker was ?mistake?

Ergenekon judge says he wouldn?t have accepted indictment if he could properly read it   The chief judge of the Ergenekon coup plot case has admitted that he did not thoroughly read the original indictment, which came to more than 2,500 pages   Ali Ismail Korkmaz Case Suspects Stand Trial   8 suspects stood trial … Read more

EFD Rights Watch: “All special courts to be scrapped before local elections… Possible Balyoz re-trial…

Key evidence in Turkey?s Balyoz coup case ?fabricated,? expert report says   Turkey?s science watchdog said that the date of key files on a hard drive have been modified Balyoz convicts demand retrial upon expert report on altered evidence   Twelve people convicted in the Balyoz coup plot case have demanded a retrial after a … Read more

Threatened with the graft probe, Turkish government desperately moves to re-ally with military… “mulls proposals for military re-trial

Turkey mulls proposals for military re-trial   Turkey is considering legal changes that could lead to the re-trial of hundreds of people convicted of anti-government plotting Just in 5 months, a PM advisor changes his views on the coup trial and begins to accuse Gülen movement…. PM Erdoğan denounces ‘plot’ against Turkey at luncheon with journalists and … Read more

Cengiz Aktar: Krizden kaosa

Krizden kaosa                                                                  Yılın son günü, son yazısı, zor yazı, hele bu cinnet ortamında? Yeni yılın, her yeni gibi, umut vesilesi olması bu memlekette yaşayanlar için şimdilik geçerli değil. Yeni olarak elimizde, gayet kötü yaşlanmış bir ?Yeni Türkiye? lakırdısı var. Türkiye muhtemelen yeni olmayı sürdürecek ama başında Tayyip Erdoğan?ın bulunduğu eski AKP ile değil.   Yılın ilk yazısını … Read more

While ministers’ sons are arrested, AKP leadership denies corruption, targets US Ambassador Ricciardone

4 major newspapers that function as AKP spokespersons today targeted the ambassador: Ricciardone refutes claims US ‘behind Turkey graft probe’ Hurriyet Daily News-3 hours agoShare US’ Ambassador to Turkey, Francis J. Ricciardone has refuted Turkish media reports that United States was “behind” the ongoing graft probe in   Turkey’s governing AK party embroiled in internal strife over corruption claims Irish … Read more

Corruption Case: Many police chiefs, including Hüseyin Çapkın of Istanbul, replaced. Probable media blackout to start…

  When did Erdoğan know about the bribe probe? One of the biggest corruption probes in Turkish history has put Tayyip Erdoğan?s AK Parti Istanbul police chief dismissed after arrests in corruption case   Huseyin Capkin says he has been removed from post and recalled to Ankara, after allies of PM caught up in inquiry Istanbul’s most … Read more

after 4 years 277 days, Mustafa Balbay is free.

Prosecutor demands release of jailed lawmaker Mustafa Balbay The prosecutor of the Istanbul 13th High Criminal Court has demanded the release of jailed lawmaker Mustafa Balbay