YouTube ban reported to be lifted but DNS hijacking probably continues. While Erdoğan says no respect for the Constitutional Court?s Twitter ruling..

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#Hijacking of public #DNS servers in #Turkey, through #routing – Blog Stéphane Bortzmeyer


Turkish court lifts YouTube ban

Hurriyet Daily News
A local court lifted a ban on the popular video-sharing website YouTube on April 4

We have to implement it, but we don’t have to respect it,? Turkish PM says on Twitter ruling

Hurriyet Daily News

PM Erdoğan described the Turkish Constitutional Court?s Twitter ruling as an attempt to protect ‘an American company?s product’

…and for #Istanbul, similar relationships #TurkeyElections ?

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CHP vows to apply for cancellation of polls in Kağıthane

Hurriyet Daily News

The CHP said they will apply for a cancellation of the local elections? results in Istanbul?s Kağıthane district, claiming the results were changed through fraud

Fitch cuts Turkey growth forecast

Hurriyet Daily News

Ratings agency Fitch cut its growth forecast for Turkey to 2.5 percent from 3.2 percent for 2014

Kurdish support to AKP in presidential elections should not be taken for granted: BDP

Hurriyet Daily News

Kurdish support for the government?s candidate in August presidential elections should not be taken for granted, BDP deputy group head Pervin Buldan says

As was expected, the debate for the presidential elections in Turkey started before the debates on March 30 local elections were even over
The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) last month threatened to attack the only outside territory that belongs to Turkey

Turkish Foreign Ministry bans use of cell phones on premises after leak

The security measures in the Foreign Ministry building will soon be increased to prevent espionage attempts, after the leak of a top security meeting

EU to postpone meeting with Turkey to prevent further damage to ties

A meeting between Turkey and the EU has been postponed by the 28-member block due to concerns that such a gathering could further strain ties in the wake of concerted criticism from EU officials

Turkey Turns Its Back on the E.U.

NYT > Turkey by By ALAN COWELLAfter months of increasingly authoritarian rule by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the E.U. portals seem more than ever to be closing on Turkey

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