Oh boy. the EU Minister softly threatens the EU: “Turkey needs to be ?encouraged? to reopen Halki Seminary

Turkey needs to be ?encouraged? to reopen Halki Seminary: EU Minister

EU Minister Egemen Bağış has said Turkey needs to be ?encouraged? to reopen the Greek Orthodox Halki Seminary in Istanbul


 Turkey may face ?tough? EU report

The upcoming annual Progress Report from the European Union for Turkey is expected to be the ?toughest? yet

US ally Turkey defends choice of Chinese missiles

Turkey defended its decision to acquire its first long-range anti-missile system from China


Turkey obstacle to Syria peace conference, says Syrian FM

Syrian Foreign Minister has said the Geneva peace conference ?cannot succeed? unless regional countries like Turkey refrain from arming the rebels

EU-Turkey and the Court of Justice: Back to the Future, Return to the Past

There was some hope that the 50th anniversary of the EU Turkey Association would coincide with a judgment of European Court of Justice favorable to Turkish citizens whishing to travel visa free to the EU. Alas, the contrary occurred when the Court in its long awaited Demirkan ruling marred the already gloomy ?festivities? marking the anniversary of Europe?s oldest association with a third country.

By Thomas Vandamme

In practical terms, the judgment confirms German legislation that obliges Turkish nationals to obtain a visa before traveling to Germany to receive services there. The rules of the EU-Turkey Association (in their current state) do not cover that situation and therefore do not protect Turkish citizens from such impediments, even if they are newly introduced (in fact, German legislation only started to impose such visa requirements on Turkish nationals after 1980).


Putin thanks Turkey for accepting political solution on Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin has thanked Turkey, the United Kingdom and France for their agreement on the political solution in the Syrian crisis


Syria jihadists advance toward Turkey border post: NGO

Hundreds of jihadist fighters from the al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) have advanced in northern Syria towards a border post with Turkey, an NGO said

US frets on nuclear link in Turkey-China missile deal: US Ambassador Ricciardone

Washington is concerned about the involvement of the Chinese winner of a recent Turkish defense contract in nuclear technology


17 Countries Agree to Special Quotas for Syrian Refugees

The head of the United Nations refugee agency said the nations had agreed to make special efforts to resettle refugees fleeing the civil war.

Turkey ‘highly likely’ to sign missile deal with Chinese company in six months: Defense official

Turkey is highly likely to sign a deal to co-produce its first long-range anti-missile system with a Chinese firm in six months, a senior defense ministry official has said


Turkey questions its EU future as Brussels looks to Balkans

Reuters (UK) Thursday, October 3, 2013 By Adrian Croft, Brussels Ankara?s decades-old application is stalled. Balkans make strides towards EU. Turkey says may have to consider alternatives to membership. Turkey has been trying for years to join the European Union, presenting itself as a growing economic and political power and a bridge to Asian and

La politica degli scacchi di Ankara

Sebbene il primo ministro turco Recep Tayyip Erdoğan abbia ben mosso l?alfiere delle riforme sullo scacchiere bicromo della politica turca, la partita è lunga, imprevedibile e tutta ancora da giocare.

Matrioska turca

Dalle ceneri delle proteste di piazza Taksim, con il pacchetto di ?riforme di democratizzazione? presentato il 30 settembre, il governo gioca a sorpresa la pedina meno visibile, quella al fondo dello scacchiere. Con una sola mossa cerca di ricalibrare gli equilibri dell?intero gioco.

Allemagne, France, Turquie : la triangulation des puissances

Note franco-turque (IFRI) n°9, septembre 2013                               English Note du Cerfa n°105 Dorothée Schmid * Les relations entre l?Allemagne, la France et la Turquie ont longtemps fonctionné sur un mode strictement bilatéral, avec une intensité, un style et des domaines de coopération différents

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