Storify year in review – 2012

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Cyberculture roundup: United States Refuses to Sign UN Internet Treaty, Google Zeitgeist, Microsoft?s 2013 security predictions..and more

United States Refuses to Sign UN Internet Treaty by Alex Fitzpatrick The US refuses to ratify the proposed UN telecom treaty over Internet regulatory worries by Alex Wilhelm   Unexpected Controversy Erupts at UN Internet Conference by Alex Fitzpatrick Compromise UN language on Internet regulation may still be too strong for the US delegation?s tastes … Read more

A literati roundup: “12 Writers Who Still Refuse to Use Computers”, digital humanities, 2011 Words of the Year…

Orhan Pamuk is one of them… 12 Writers Who Still Refuse to Use Computers Jan 1st, 2012 Computers are incredible tools: we use them to connect around the world, gather all of the information in the universe, find inspiration, and maybe play a few games now and then. They’re also very helpful for writers, offering … Read more

“Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2012” and a cyberculture roundup: SOPA, Kopimism, internet access,

Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2012 by Ernesto Which torrent sites get the most visitors at the start of 2012? At first glance little seems to have changed, as many of the sites in the top 10 have been among the top torrent sites for more than half a decade. But moving down … Read more

Cengiz Aktar: 2012 tükenmenin miladı olmasın

2012 tükenmenin miladı olmasın Uludere katliamı ve hükümetin katliam karşısındaki tavrı epeyidir biriken huzursuzluğun açığa çıkmasına vesile oldu. Memleketin üzerinde biriken kara bulutların, daralan demokrasi ve siyaset alanının herkes farkında ama bu gidişat nasıl terse çevrilecek belli değil. Aksine varolan, tuhaf bir kadere boyun eğmişlik, yılgın bir ruh ve şuur hali. 2011 ve öncesi doğal … Read more

Erkan’ın posta kutusuna düşen yeni yıl mesajları…

First days of AAA meetings. Live coverage at Twitter (#AAA09)

I haven’t been to AAA meetings for three years now but I will probably return next year. But I feel like I will get quite a coverage as anthropologist certainly discover new media…

Annual Meeting Bloggers & Tweeters:

The following twitterers and bloggers will be covering the upcoming AAA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. Visit their feeds to receive up-to-date information about events, sessions, exhibits, etc.

Tweeters (#AAA09)


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Wednesday evening habitus post

I am auditing our Media MA course on research methodologies at the back seat, participating sometimes, losing myself in the web or thoughts in other times. My friends wait me for a card-playing session and I have half an hour more to go. It is not necessary to be here in the class, but i actually like it to audit. Nice theoretical discussion, a nice group of students and Halil hoca is a playful lecturer.

For more than 10 days, I have the hype mode but sometimes I fell hard like this afternoon. Now I recover again. Too much work to do but in general I am productice. I am getting back at my usual reading pace, working on some vital issues like necessary documentation to become an Assistant Professor. Anyway, still good news from Beşiktaş follow and a bunch of unrelated stuff I have come accros to towards the end of this post….

Fuck You SIDA!

Aids awareness campaign from Barcelona Spain with a very obvious but also very strong tagline ?Fuck You SIDA? (Fuck You Aids).
The organisation Federació d?Associacions Coordinadora Gai-Lesbiana says: Hate this disease and fight it with the use of condoms.FOUND IN
Fuck You SIDA!

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