As Dortmund fans give support to Beşiktaş group, Çarşı, Turkish judiciary makes history by claiming a fan group being coup plotter…

Fans of Germany’s Borussia Dortmund football team lend support to Çarşı, the fan group of Beşiktaş whose pioneer figures are now facing ‘coup attempt’ claims

çArşı to Stand Trial on December 16

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Istanbul 13th High Criminal Court ordered members of soccer fan group çArşı to stand trial for charges related to “attempted coup” for their involvement of the Gezi Resistance.

Turkish soccer fans accused of plotting coup


“Our government lives with the fear that any act opposing them is intentional and aimed at toppling them… try to neutralise all dissent channels,” Ilter Turan, professor of Political Science at Istanbul Bilgi University, told Reuters. (Writing b

Istanbul court accepts ‘coup attempt’ indictment against football fans
An Istanbul court has accepted the indictment charging members of the çArşı supporters’ group of a ‘coup attempt’ against the government
The crime of an attempted coup

Hurriyet Daily News

In the indictment prepared for the football fan club çArşı, life sentences are asked for 35 defendants for the crime of attempting to stage a coup.

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