Newly founded pro-government BJK fan group attacks other fans, provokes stadium riots… #CarsininYanindayiz

Istanbul derby game suspended after supporters invade the field Hundreds of Beşiktaş supporters invaded the field during the derby game against Galatasaray An in-depth from the field observation in Turkish here. Interestingly, Turkish police sheepy here… Another one… It is now highly believed that – according to eye witnesses and friends from Çarşı, who stays at … Read more

But of course Swedish players are not used to pepper gas…

In yet another embarrassment for Turkey, U21 game between Turkey and Sweden was postponed this evening due to players’ exposure to pepper gas which was in fact used against Occupy Turkey protesters. As usual, there was excessive usage and some cloud of pepper gas reached Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Stadium (Stadium name well fits to misery) … Read more