Architectural authorities claim “İstanbul isn’t More Ready for an Earthquake than 1999” İstanbul news roundup…

CHAMBER OF ARCHITECTS BRANCH CHAIRPERSON CEMAL GÖKÇE:: “İstanbul isn’t More Ready for an Earthquake than 1999” Bianet :: English Chamber of Architects İstanbul Branch Chairperson Cemal Gökçe, said İstanbul is still unprepared for an earthquake since August 17, 1999. Qualified supervision and sustained urbanization were stressed. Repeated delays increase airline companies’ costs by 20 percent in Istanbul … Read more

Bring it on! Turkey’s Council of State most of whose members recently appointed by Erdoğan approves plans to destroy Gezi Park…

Plan to build Ottoman barracks on Istanbul’s Gezi Park approved in new court ruling The ruling has stirred public outcry in Turkey, with the trending hashtag “We Will Not Allow You To Demolish Gezi” (#SanaGeziyiYıktırmayacağız in Turkish) addressing President Erdoğan. Court annuls numerous project plans threatening authenticity of historic Istanbul peninsula An Istanbul court has annulled a … Read more

The grudge continues: Another provocation in a Beşiktaş Game.

While, Police intervene in group commemorating killed proterters in Gezi Park, A Kasımpaşaspor fan in guise of being a BJK fan, entered the pitch and attacked a Beşiktaş player… Kasımpaşa is close to Taksim and known to be PM Tayyip Erdoğan’s negihbourhood. The club is owned by a group of businessmen whose wealth increased rapidly during AKP … Read more

R.I.P Ahmet Erhan, the iconic poet who said ?I haven?t died today either, mum,? A Social fabric roundup

Ahmet Erhan, the iconic poet who said ?I haven?t died today either, mum,? passes away Ahmet Erhan was the voice of the lost generation of the 80s ************* Turkish Football Federation chief says league games should be played in daytime Turkish Football Federation (TFF) chairman Yıldırım Demirören has said league games should only be played … Read more

An infographic: 10 days of resistance. A video: Istanbul uprising. And a roundup. #OccupyTurkey

    inforgraphic source: An energy drink, rather than the opium of the people It is difficult to imagine fiercer football rivalries than the ones between ?The Big Three? of Istanbul ? Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe, Beşiktaş. The clashes between their supporters ? often violent, always noisy ? are legendary. Yet many of the (mainly foreign) media … Read more

Drogba misunderstands: That was not a racist attack but a kind of middle finger…

…which might also be objectionable- that “obscene act” but it is good to understand right before accusing people with racism… Well, Turks like many other people, innovate new forms of obscenity all the time. I have been thinking a few days and I could honestly not find this act in this special context as racism… … Read more


EGE?YE DERS AKHİSAR BELEDİYE GENÇLİK SPOR    Futbolun oyun olmaktan çıkıp iğrenç bir hale dönüştüğü bugünlerde gelin Ege?den yükselen bir güneşin resmini hep beraber çizelim. Akhisar Belediye; Süper Lig?e çıkmasına ihtimal verilmediği geçtiğimiz sezon PTT 1.Lig?de Şampiyon olarak en büyüklerin arasına geldi Süper Lig daha başlamadan çokbilmişler tarafından küme düşmeye aday ilk takım olarak gösterildi, … Read more

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