Today’s political meme in Turkey: Erdoğan posing in his Palace with 16 ancient Turkish soldier cosplays

erdoğan palace turkish soldiers

This photo is real. Palestinian Leaders Abbas meets with Erdoğan today…

Grand ceremony for Palestinian president held at new palace, with warriors representing empires of Turkey’s history

Here is the video


Nietzsche on Twitter   Mahmud Abbas ın büyük dramı Her gelişinde bir şok yaşıyor http hsmB5H4YPA
The drama of Mahmud. Everytime he comes to Turkey…



“It will all be complete if we erect these at the Palace:



“When Abdullah Gül sees Erdoğan’s latest trick in the palace…


“All the country looks like a Singapore pavillion…




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Kurbağa Kral ‏@uarpak Bu olur bak… Ahahahahaaaaa…. :))

“Leaks from the new Mortal Combat movie. Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung changed a lot…

“Cosplay fun at the AK Palace…

“It is obvious he is very bored in the palace…

“Where is his crown?

“Aren’t there any psychiatrists in the country?:

“New tenders to come to have horses, arrows, catapults… in palace:

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“Some of our ancestors can’t help…” Mustafa Edib Yılmaz ‏@MustafaEdib 18m18 minutes ago Kendini tutamayan ‘ecdat’ da var!


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“One day, I never forget, we are in a show with friends in primary school” Tunç Toker ‏@tunctoker “bi gün hiç unutmam yine ilkokulda arkadaşlarla müsameredeyiz” adlı hatırat..


Would you like to conquer the world sweet boy?


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Vildan Ay ‏@vildanay One Erdogan to rule them all, One Erdogan to find them, One Erdogan to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
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KING OF COMEDY ‏@satrayni

“This guy with bathrobe the Samurai of Harzemşah?:

“He steals but also make us laugh…

Erdoğan pledged his support to the preservation of historical artifacts on Jan. 12, vowing to closely follow their restoration and revival both at home and abroad
The court justified a ruling on the 11-month jail sentence given to an academic, arguing that insulting slogans are not free speech
Authorities say that at least 550 people from Germany have traveled to Syria and Iraq to join extremist groups, along with more from several other European countries

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